Monday, January 30, 2006

The Virtual Buddha

Come visit us at the The Virtual Buddha


Zee said...

What the heck is your obsession with Buddha? After all, it's just a method used by a few towards enlightenment, not a guided tour to achieve serenity.

Worried said...

Now, now Zee. Different strokes for different folks. Every individual seeks his own path, and in so doing explores many byways.

Anyway, they are lovely art works.

DA said...

Well I personally wouldn't say that I'm obsessed (at least, not anymore)Zee. I once was, I think: By making more and more money, holding up appearances and ego tripping I'd say.

I feel attrackted to the Buddhist philosophy because of the compassion for living beings and the balance and inner rest that it gives me during my weeks of hard work, traveling and studying.

Regular meditation brings order and peace in my sometimes so chaotic world of materialism, stock markets, shareholders, mergers and acquisitions.

A cherished counterweight for now and hopefully much more in the future.

Actually I feel as if my journey just started. It's a method yes, a philosophy yes, and it suits me well. Very well actually.. Thank you for your thoughts..

Thank you WA for your kind words..