Friday, January 13, 2006

Let's go outside

Yesterday Gary tagged me for the list of seven after publishing his own. Well, here's mine:

Seven things to do before I die:
1. Be world’s best daddy alive
2. Get a PhD and write a book
3. Run and finish the New York marathon
4. Play in a movie
5. Buy a round-the-world air ticket, a rucksack, and elope for a few years
6. Travel through space
7. Make the world a better place and become enlightened

Seven things I can’t do:
1. Visit the centre of a black hole
2. Turn into a fly and go eavesdropping on my neighbours
3. Be a celebrated male fashion model
4. Discover the final unifying theory of everything
5. Remember birthday dates
6. Become a Muslim fundamentalist
7. Stop acting like an idiot savant from time to time

Seven things that attract me to blogging:
1. improving my lousy English vocabulary
2. Meeting interesting people
3. Cold-shoulder non interesting people
4. Filling the last hour I had left a day
5. Learn on subjects I care for
6. Express my amateurish creative talent
7. Having fun

Seven things I say most often:
1. I think..
2. Why is that?
3. Can you give me an example?
4. ..hmm, sure..
5. To my opinion..
6. I guess you could see it like that but..
7. ..did I say that??

Seven books that I loved in 2005, in no particular order
1. Science and the Akashic Field : An Integral Theory of Everything by Ervin Laslo
The universe and A brief history of time by Stephen Hawking
Tibetan book of living and dying by Sogyal Rinpoche
A short history of nearly everything by Bill Bryson
Faust by Johan Wolfgang Goethe
Being And Nothingness by Jean Paul Sartre
All books by the Dalai Lama

Seven movies I watched more than once
1. All collector boxes of Star Trek
2. La vita e bella
3. All Lord of the ring movies
4. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975)
5. The Godfather (1972) and The Godfather, Part II (1974)
6. Psycho (1960)
7. Some mature movies about biology in general and procreation to be more specific..

Story goes that I tag three other people now. I hereby kindly ask Lindsay, Tina and Worried American to get their sevens out of the closet. Thank you for your time and thoughts :-)