Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thank you George Muthaf@%#king Bush

Thank you George Muthaf@%#king Bush
By Vanessa German

thank u for makin it easier for me to get a tech9 or AR14 than a pap smear & a good education
thank u from the first boy i kissed who u sent off to fight your war in iraq he returned home only by telegram & in a box

thank u from me from my body from the woman i love that i want to marry & call my wife without u bible thumpin daggers & demanding constitutional amendments to prevent us from loving this revolutionary love (az tho we cud soil the sanctitiy of marriage)u cud nevah touch my love or fuck with my love its just the right u seek to deny us so we must fight for it in the end it's all a matter of voice of excercising choice & flexing the muscle of democracy which shudn't be pigeon holed marginalized or constitutionaly compromised under the pretense that who i love kiss fuck hold hands & make family withiz destructive to the fiber that quilts the fabric of america which ironically happens to becotton that notoriously bloody lily white thread that my grandfather & hiz fathers fathers before picked by hand in mer rouge louisianai hav not forgotton that i am america that my blood iz in these rivers & at the roots of these red wood treesi know that this country was built on the backs of blacks that were shackled strapped & stacked slashed gashed taxed & then cashed in on like cattle

i hav not forgotton that i am america & even tho u want me to be quiet & invisible i will not i hav decided that if u r not with US then u r against US US the 99% of the population that makes less than 1.2 million dollars a year the 43 million people that hav no health care the 14 million children that got left behind that go to bed hungry every night if u r not with US then u r against US & we understand that terror iz not always guns & knives & otherwise explosive devices of evil sometimes terror iz just making no living wage going day to day pay check to pay check praying that no one gets sick

terror iz not knowing which of ur sonswill fit the description & die while reaching back pocket for identification to prove he iz american but not american enuf to live freeterror iz being 13 having no access no choice & taking matters into ur own hands

terror iz being a woman begging for emergency contraception when u've been raped taken by force & foresaken just like the constitution after the presidential election of 2000 which u did not win u stole like a purse off the shoulder of an old lady making america ur bitch

didn't anyone ever tell u when u take shit that's not urs u give it back & apologize

but no. we realize that u mr bushr just the figure head the smoke screen the sony nike gmc tommy hilfiger blue jeans brand name of a regime of evil so vicious & arrogant u hav the audacity to murder in my name & call it justice

call it liberation long time come when all it really iziz economic imperialism or occupation which iz the same thing hitler did in poland austria & hungry ...if u really wanted to liberate u cud hav liberated delbert orr africa janine holloway africa micheal sims africa or mumia abul jamalit wasn't 6 weeks it waz 17 thousand lives not just american lives but human lives how sacred are they tell me answer me tell me how sacred are they

stop trying to convince us that justice iz always this bloody that liberation costs babies & mothers & homes & sons& lovers & fathers & dignity& truth & purity & hope & democracy

thank u mr bushfor showing us that we must fight everyday for our freedom as tho we r fighting for our lives obviously u r not going to beat a path of justice to our front doors

this is my requiem for the last four years my premptive strike on the next four years this iz my love poemto america even tho he took u by force violated u forsook u before they eye of god made u barely recognizable to the rest of us

i still love u baby he can not shame u before my eyes u r beautiful i will fight & die for u r the people & i am u this iz my love poem to america

Ich bin ein decadente Berliner!

Just to say hi to you guys quickly in between my traveling:

A week ago I was invited to cruise the Amsterdam canals on a jollyboat.

Not only did we have wonderfull weather but the atmosphere was marvellous. Fyi: I'm the guy holding the camera.

After the tour we visited the Amsterdam Wester Church. After church a great diner and just the magnificent evening ending..hmm.

Anyway to continue the story of my decadent life;

I was invited to Berlin this week together with my colleague directors of our company. We stayed in the famous Adlon hotel Unter den Linden opposit the Brandenburger Tower. We drove around Berlin in old Trabants, flew over Berlin in an old Dakota, sailed on the Spree river on a longboat, visited almost every monument such as The Reichstag, Checkpoint Charly, you name it, and had great diners. Oh, and we did some working by the way. But not too much I have to admid..

So, to finish this little show off: next week I will be in New York, Philidelphia and Wayne to visit my American colleagues. You should not have mercy upon me. Nope, I don't feel sorry for myself either.

Just wondering if the customs allow me to pass the American border since I have been bashing Dubya for a while. We'll see.

So for now I say: farewell my friends. I have to pack my bag again. Hope to see you again on my return in two weeks. Take care!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Our journey back to Ithaka

Back to work again my virtual friends. Summer holidays were very nice. I could hear my son laughing at the other end of the swimming pool –first year that he could actually swim alone- while I drank a nice rosé and read a few good books.

Two of them were The Iliad and The Odyssey. The latter epic details the adventures of Odysseus on the journey home from the war and the troubles he finds in Ithaka when he arrives there.

During the 10 year journey from Troy back to Ithaka, Odysseus had many encounters that prolonged his journey home. He has to free his men from the Lotus-Eaters, the Cyklops giant, Polyphemus, and the enchantress Kirke. He traveled to the underworld, where he receives valuable information to help him continue his trip home.

This new knowledge that he received helped him to have a safe passage from the Sirens, Scylla, and Charybdis. But, he could not save his crew when they violated commandments by slaughtering and eating the cattle of the sun god. Through this action their ship was struck by a thunderbolt and only Odysseus survived. He swam on the island of the nymph Kalypso, where he became her lover, was held prisoner, and lived there for seven years. He built a raft and sailed for Ithaka, but once again he ran into Poseidon's furious storm and was shipwrecked on the island of the Phaiakians where he told his tale of wandering at a banquet in the palace. After his fabulous tale, he was allowed onboard a Phaiakian ship, given untold riches, and deposited, sleeping, on his home island.

Once he returned home, he still had problems. After being gone for twenty years, Penelope had remained faithful. But the palace was occupied by a group of suitors who were waiting on Penelope to pick one of them to marry. Odysseus arrived at the palace disguised as a beggar and saw everything in disarray. He slaughters the suitors and cleansed the palace before Penelope sees all the blood and bodies. But, then he had to deal with the anger families of the suitors. But Athena stepped in and told the people of Ithaka that there would be peace and that the King of Ithaka was home.

The parallels I found, while reading the book, with our lives – or at least mine- were striking. Aren’t we all on a journey back to our own Ithaka and don’t we all have to face many endeavors along the way? We have to fight our demons, we get struck by thunderbolts and fall in love with a nymph on an unexpected moment (and then become a prisoner in love too, huh, say what? :-)

Question that remains: Will we find our Ithaka in distress and occupied by a group of suitors once we arrive? Will we get frustrated and have remorse of not having lived life to the max? Or will we realize just in time that it’s the journey that matters and ENJOY THE NOW?

You tell me…