Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday CONTEST day..

Last contest won by Canadian Princess Veena. She was the first to discover La Sagrada Familia - Barcelona, Spain. Oh, by the way: On top of the church we got engaged. "Erm..Say what?" No kidding!!
Veena please e-mail the adress where I can send you the souvenir. Sorry Gary and Lisa, correct answer but only prize for first answer available :-)

Allright; now for this week. First one to guess right will receive an appropriate Amsterdam souvenir!

Any ideas? I'll send souvenirs all over the world. Even to Australia, Moscow, Oslo, Dubhay, Japan and Lebanon!! Who's first??

Saturday update: Again I have to help you guys out. Might as well send souvenirs without having a contest :-) Here's a picture of the entire city: