Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ich bin ein decadente Berliner!

Just to say hi to you guys quickly in between my traveling:

A week ago I was invited to cruise the Amsterdam canals on a jollyboat.

Not only did we have wonderfull weather but the atmosphere was marvellous. Fyi: I'm the guy holding the camera.

After the tour we visited the Amsterdam Wester Church. After church a great diner and just the magnificent evening ending..hmm.

Anyway to continue the story of my decadent life;

I was invited to Berlin this week together with my colleague directors of our company. We stayed in the famous Adlon hotel Unter den Linden opposit the Brandenburger Tower. We drove around Berlin in old Trabants, flew over Berlin in an old Dakota, sailed on the Spree river on a longboat, visited almost every monument such as The Reichstag, Checkpoint Charly, you name it, and had great diners. Oh, and we did some working by the way. But not too much I have to admid..

So, to finish this little show off: next week I will be in New York, Philidelphia and Wayne to visit my American colleagues. You should not have mercy upon me. Nope, I don't feel sorry for myself either.

Just wondering if the customs allow me to pass the American border since I have been bashing Dubya for a while. We'll see.

So for now I say: farewell my friends. I have to pack my bag again. Hope to see you again on my return in two weeks. Take care!!