Sunday, January 29, 2006

Petit tour de L'Europe

This week I had to go to Paris and Basel, Switzerland and I promised Zee to take a few pictures of his birthland. The flight was delayed, I arrived at 20.00h in Basel, walked around for an hour (in minus seven degrees Celcius) but found absolutely nothing of interest. Next day I was told that they put me on the wrong side of the Rhine Valley..

I really don't enjoy flying in these small planes. They fly lower altitudes than regular planes and are more turbulent. I once experienced an airpocket where the plane fell for about a kilometer..

I ordered a cup of tea in Cafe Alexander where I was kinda overdressed compared to the pimps and vagabonds that had Alexander as their conference room.

Opposite my hotel room there was this beautiful little stripclub where drunk men argued all night long. It was impossible to get some sleep. So I blogged until the battery of my laptop gave up on me.

Next morning I was told that my secretary arranged a hotel in the Basel Messe area which can be compared to our Amsterdam red light district. Wonderful..

The Swiss clouds on the way back made me forget everything immediately. They looked like you could walk on them. Aren't they beautiful?