Sunday, January 15, 2006

Best laugh of the week!

I promise to post some serious stuff again next week but this one really made me feel my lost six pack again afterwards.. It's posted on State of the Day.

(Via JulianBlue)


Lindsay Lobe said...


All of those Links are fine, but they dont work down under for some reason, and it's no use complaining to my CIO as he is only contactible via 15 help screen contacts, and we are not of his vitual reality ,but thats likeky when youi work for a company which has a large presence in 39 different countries.

Actaully talking to someone real is probably not a real option very often.

That's apart from the fact bloggoing is a private matter and I am typing this in at work at the moment....I really should be back at work I think !!.

Best wishes

Elizabeth Green said...

Actually, Dmitri, this is posted on Creature's blog, State of the Day. We just linked him to our blog. Glad you had a good laugh.

Granny said...

Funny Dmitri

It came through here immediately and clearly on cable modem.

I'll go back and watch it again when hubby doesn't have the t.v. on. We were in competition.

Actually, come to think of it, the t.v. was my fault. I'm watching the Golden Globes.

Worried said...

Thanks for the chuckle, Dimitri. We must have some light hearted moments amidst all the gloom and doom of the newsies.

Re: your comment on our blog. I am currently searching for the book Progressive Traditionalist recommended. I'll add Dan Brown to the search.

I replied to your comment in the box on "America..." but would like to tell you here that I should have started a new paragraph with the sentence about "quicksand." I did not mean Michener; I like his work, so well researched, Concerning my struggle to understand, I referred to the titles following. It is a struggle, too, but I persevere.

DA said...

I guess your CIO takes very good care of your information security and data integrity Lindsay ;-)

Did link to it Elizabeth :-)

Just make sure to keep the telly out of the bedroom Granny!!

So many books and so little time (besides work, laundry, having diner and blogging) Worried..