Monday, January 02, 2006

My journey

My journey
This is the dawn of a new beginning,
Where quanta they are in a state of flux
I’ll hit a homerun in this second inning,
To love and peace instead of deluxe.

Where am I going? And what should I do?
Who is to tell and who is to say?
I will follow the road of my next debut,
And smell the flowers along the way!

And with every mile walking, this student will learn.
Transforming the words into meaning of life.
I have left unpacked, no grief no concern,
And trust intuition to be pocketknife.

Emotions non-dual, a smile is a tear.
We will work all together to stop war and fight,
For a compassionate future, no hate and no fear.
Then our path will lead us straight to the light.

Visiting cultures and meeting new friends,
It all will be seen through my quantum lens.

‘Cause where ever I go, on shore or at sea,
My life is a journey and the journey is me..