Wednesday, January 25, 2006

France Surrenders to Pirates

BREST, France (AFP) - French police who spent two years trying to identify a woman who was murdered by a blow to the head were relieved to discover the reason their efforts were failing: the woman died half a millennium ago.
The skeleton of a woman in her 30s was found during an exceptionally low tide in December 2003 near the seaside Brittany town of Plouezoc'h. A long gash in the skull convinced investigators she was killed with a hatchet or other sharp implement. Police ploughed through missing persons' files to no avail.

A theory that the woman was the wife of a Normandy doctor who disappeared with his family in a famous 1999 case was dismissed after DNA tests. Eventually radiocarbon dating established that the death had occurred between 1401 and 1453.

"We are satisfied because at least we know the date now. We reckon it was pirates," said Francois Gerthosser of the Plourin-les-Morlaix police on Tuesday.

CSI takes 25 minutes. If I'm going to be murdered by a blow to the head, I'm doing it in Las Vegas.


Steve Middleton said...

Well what do u know!

JEFM said...

Well, talking about MedievalCSI, Poitiers (or something like that). Now, i can't help but notice what a gorgeous news anchor that is!

If I'm going to watch the news, you can bet I'm watching French news.


Mother Damnable said...

I was at the open house at the Custom House last year and a very nice Customs Officer was showing us banned items and she explained that since the ice is melting people are discovering Mammoth Ivory which is being carved and used now Elephant Ivory is banned.

There is a slight difference.

It's strange to think what else we may discover :>)

Nerdine said...


My dream while I was still doing Archaeology was to find a skeleton..

One should think they'd find out a bit earlier the bones were that old...

DA said...

Good point Steve!

I believe she was a he Jon..

Hehehe MD, new markets emerging there :-)

Same for me Guro. They fly probes to Pluto but can't even date bones over here..

JEFM said...

Dimitri, are you telling me that lady in the pic giving the news is not a lady?!

My radar has gone awry?


karena said...

That story is hiliarious. I mean, not for the dead lady but for the bungling. However, I really doubt the French would say "I reckon."