Friday, January 20, 2006

The Sunlight Of The Soul

If we care not for the present,
And our thoughts are on the past,
And we know not of the future
With its darkened clouds o'ercast:

When the storm-clouds of the present
Darken all our hopes and fears,
And our hearts grow sad beneath them,
And our eyes are dim with tears:

Hours of trouble, hours of sorrow,
Soon with splendor overcast,

Turn the sorrows that we borrow
Back into the distant past.

Thus with past illumination
Is our present hours made bright,
And our former darkened moments
With a glory-wave made light.

Then the beauty of the sunshine
To the present gives a glow,
As with misty gleams the future
Glances on the scenes below.

For our hearts must then grow lighter
As we catch those pleasant beams,
And our eyes with light grow brighter
With the soul's reflecting dreams.

And the storm-clouds that o'ershadow,
Pass away beneath the rays
Of a former golden pastime,
As reflected on our ways.

Teaching us that 'neath the curtain
Where the darkness lurks within,
That our thoughts will cast a shadow
Where the sunlight should come in.

Thus in moments when we're nervous
With a care that few can test,
Then this sunlight that is golden
Gives our soul its needed rest.

And our troubles quickly vanish
As the storm-clouds backward roll
From the glory of the spirit,
And the sunlight of the soul.

(James S. Jennings.)


Rachael Byrnes said...

I have added your site to my "blogger friends" links on my site. I was looking at some old comments and realised I hadn't published a link for your site yet! Hope some traffic comes your way though my site!

Lisa said...

Very nice, DA! Great thoughts.

Lindsay Lobe said...

Very nice

oh that we could know know more than to know
the splendour
of a poets golden light's agenda !

Best wishes

arulba said...

I've noticed your name on Nerdine and Lindsay's blogs but I only just now got around to taking a look at your blog. Very nice. I'm adding you to my friends list!!

Lorraine said...

Lovely :)

DA said...

Thx Rachael and Arulba, I am hounoured.

Lisa, I hope you feel better now..

Lindsay, the Renaissance man!

Lorraine thx for stopping by..

Worried said...

Beautifully uplifting, Dimitri

Tina said...

That was just lovely Dimitri... and so true.
I need to stop sweating this potty training thing with BabyGirl... she'll get the hang of it soon. And I certainly need to ignore all of those older family members who "swear" their kids were completely potty trained with absolutely zero accidents by age 18 months... yeh... right. Hopefully sooner than later she'll get the hang of it... I need to focus on how many other amazing things she can do at this age instead... thanks Dimitri. I needed to read that.

Mother Damnable said...

OK dimitri check it sunshine so what?

So fucking what?

There will always be sunshine.

See my hell?

live my hell and live your sunshine and be happy but never suspect I won't kill ya, because I will

I fucking will

expletives not deleted!

madcapmum said...

I in a more peaceable mood than M.D., I think. I won't kill you. I won't!

Lovely poetry selection, and I really like the photo, too.

Mother Damnable said...

Ok Dimitri natch I won't kill ya
I would have to be related to Henry V to play those games and I did enjoy this post but ain't you bored?

How "good" could we ever be? you are a decent person and so am I but so what?

Apologies to everyone, because the world has gone to hell I sometimes get involved.

If it was about a dress and cobwebs I could play but I just wanna go home................

DA said...

Thx Worried and Tina. I let my son choose if he wanted to wear diapers or not. It lasted until a year ago when he allready was 4.
Then he decided he wanted to try it, had several "accidents" and half a year ago he was "fully potty trained". Now he wakes us up slamming the toilet door in the middle of the night:-) I don't care, I always tuck him in and give him a kiss. Your little girl seems to decide herself too when she thinks she's up to it. Good for her:-))

Thx Madcap for your allways kind and wise words..

Mother D, good thing you found the medication in time:-) No apologies needed and NO I'n not bored as I started this blogthing just recently..