Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Imagine this

Sitting together on the couch with my feet on the table watching the “What the Bleep do we Know” dvd while drinking a pot of Ayurvedic Vata tea and smelling the apple pie in the oven that should be ready within 10 minutes. (feeling the cramps in my arm of hand whipping cream slowly fading away). Hmmm, this feels good :-)

Kneeding the dough and hand whipping cream were my best deed of today. The rest of the day I hung around a little bit enjoying my absolute idleness. Tonight no heroic stories, quasi profound messages or amateur poetry. No, tonight I will be living reincarnation of the ultimate couch potato.

I won’t even think about the true existence of the apple pie or the particles that differentiate the pie from myself (or not as a matter of fact). Oh no, I’m just gonna eat the darn thing with loads of whipped cream on it. And more cream. Might as well eat the whole pie and flush it away with another pot of Vata tea.