Thursday, January 12, 2006

OK Guys, flash your briefcases!!

Ok, here it goes, I've turned by briefcase upside down as this seems to be the latest blog trend (see Susie and JulianB).

(Airline tickets, Gartner Monthly research, Vodafone UMTS card, Airline tickets, Hyatt and Marriot gold cards, Schiphol airport pass, Entrance cards of University of Derby and Amsterdam, Harvard Business Review, Dutch Financial newspaper, HP-Tablet PC, some audio management cd's and €53,20 . Dull? Guess so..

OK Guys, flash your briefcases!!

(Photo taken with Qtek 9100 pda, always close at hand)


Anne said...

Well, what about your wallet or buddy pack?

There's no chewing gum or candy or keys or money? I don't see ANYTHING fun in there!

DA said...

Don't have a wallet Anne, don't like candy. Keys in coat. Heye, it's not a gals purse! It's my job's briefcase..

But you're right, no fun when at home :-)

Badoozie said...

okay, that was boring. i think it's a coverup for your mafia involvment, please don't kill me if i guessed that right. i agree with anne, wheres the gum, chapstick, cell phone, huh? got some pockets we don't know about? money? pills? knives? guns?

Blogger formerly known as JBlue said...

I was going to say I was carrying Anna Karenina in my wallet-on-a-string purse, but I was afraid nobody would believe it. Wish I had now.... :D

DA said...

Damn, I thought it would look too obvious. OK if you are good girls I will flash my desk drawer tomorrow..

Hey Gary, Lindsay, Jon, Matt, RC, Zee, Pirate. Where's your briefcases ???

Zee said...

I don't carry briefcases unless I absolutely must, which happens about once a year or so.
Instead I could pull of my pants and empty my pockets. Would you desire to have a "still-life" picture of that? You'll never know what you wound find...

Vee said...

Since you've already called me psychotic (please refer to giving of direct number to psychiatric hotline), I don't think it would be wise for me to join this "adventure". God alone knows what my purse or desk drawers might reveal - perhaps something to confirm the insanity?! (lol)

Seeker said...

Where's your toothbrush, clippers, ear plugs and slippers? How do you travel?

Lindsay Lobe said...


Your case is case of a flying Dutch Ace
Its contents are cool, not one of a fool

But where is your case to need a flash case
For paper and packs don’t replace a warm face

I would have thought you could store.
A virtual life at your door
Just wallet in store attach electronic pod pen

I gave up carrying brief cases a few years ago also !! to see how it feels. My pockets are always wearing out prematurely, but apart from that I love it.

MARYBETH said...


Where are you crayons and coloring book??

Creativity is critical to all things =)


Nerdine said...

Listed my contents in JulianB's blog...
I counted two airplane tickets in your briefcase!! used or are you travelling soon? No matter - I'm jealous!

DayByDay4-2Day said...

Wow an educated man!
I gots an education to!

DA said...

No Zee, I will not ask you to flash our blogfriends literally ;-)

Now you have made me curious Vee..

Well Seeker, I try to sleep at home when traveling throughout Europe. Europe's not that big you know :-)

Thank you for your humorous rhyme Lindsay. I would love to see you carry a laptop in your trousers (is that a laptop in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?)

Marybeth, crayons and coloring I save for the moments with my five year old..I do oregamy with the airline tickets though..

No need to be jealous Nerdine, they keep forgetting to tally up my frequent flyer miles anyway..

Welcome DayByDay4-2Day, nice to have you here!

Lesley said...

I don't have a briefcase, but I may give it a try with my purse tomorrow. I am not sure everything in there can fit in a photo though.:-)

Mother Damnable said...

Dimitri I've just stolen your briefcase and am using your cards as we speak!

I can share though wanna look in my brief case?