Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Not a haiku but a senyru !

Nothing left to cry

for my deepest worries they

are about to die!


Vee said...

ooh I like that! Did you come up with it yourself? Mind if I borrow it for a while? :)

Zee said...

no reason to die
for my deepest love
is you and I

MARYBETH said...

if i never, ever, cried

I would assume

that i had died

Mother Damnable said...

Bless you,

I'm fed up of crying over worries too.

I hope your worries died peacefully and have left room for all the joy and happiness I'm wishing for you and your loved ones :>)

DA said...

Ohh guys this is really amazing!!

I find your reactions to the Haiku AWESOM. Have to do this more frequently..Thx, Thx..

Vee, feel free, this one is on me :-)

Zee, very powerful and yet so poignant..

Marybeth, true..so very true indeed and very analytical

Mother D, thx, this was just what was needed (together with the howles of the pack of course:-))

Callooh said...

not to henpeck - but its a senyru - haikus are only about nature (and non- judgemental at that...)

and a beautiful senyru it is

(never should I comment on poem structure... its what I do about 20x a week! - edit poetry and writing that is)

I love the feeling behind it!

DA said...

Thx Callooh, Now this I really appreciate. You seem to be totally right in here (off course I checked). What a beautiful day it is for I have learned again :-)