Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Bless this hunk of steel..

Every night I lie in bed,
with this little prayer inside my head.
God bless all those I hold so dear,
and keep them safe thru coming year.
And, God, there's one thing I'd wish you'd do.
Would you bless my 'puter too?
Now I know that it ain't normal to bless a small machine,
but listen just a second, let me type it on your screen.
You see, this little metal box holds more than odds and ends.
Inside those small components rest a hundred loving friends.
Some, it's true, I've never seen, and most I've never met.
We've never shaken hands or even hugged, and yet...
I know for sure they love me, by the kindness that they give.
And this little scrap of metal is how I get to where they live.
By faith is how I know them so if it's ok with you.
I would love to see them back and have a deja vu.
Just take an extra minute while working up above...
To bless this little hunk of steel that's filled with so much love.
(adapted from unknown author, DA)


arulba said...


Vee said...

(lol) what a cute poem! great job of getting your face onto that comp. screen. :) bless our computers for sure!!

Nerdine said...

cute. Very cute. And I thought you couldn't get any cuter. *lol*
Thanks for putting a big smile on my face this morning!

Lorraine said...

This is so wonderful and touching :)

Lindsay Lobe said...

lovely poem. Such nice thoughts pity they go out of sight, but do they ?

Where do thoughts go as blog ceases to be
How will it be when you press a delete key
Where do thoughts go as blog ceases to be
Are those kind thoughts allowed to roam free

Where do thoughts go as blog ceases to be
Time of passover, over time you will see
Where do thoughts go as blog ceases to be
Enter past thoughts on a new blog , Dimitri

Where do thoughts go as blog ceases to be
Where do they go when Google has fees
Where do thoughts go as blog ceases to be
Restored and united for a new world to see

Where do thoughts go as blog ceases to be
Mind now the line of a haunting refrain
Where do thoughts go as blog ceases to be
Continues forever no need to explain ?

Mother Damnable said...

Lindsay Lobe,

I think these thought will go back into the ether, that's the thing about computers they make astral travel and connections so much easier :>)

Love your post Dimitri, 'specially with the'puter probs I've has lately, why do electrical things blow up around me?

Personally I'm waiting for a clockwork computer :>)

madcapmum said...

Bless your computer indeed, Dimitri! Long may its bits bless us with your take on the world.

Blog Monkey said...

macs don't need god.

-go tell it on the mountain!

Kathleen Callon said...


Lenren said...

I love it! Amen!

Dave said...

What a loving poem. Thank you for your kind words on my blog. They mean so much to man who has the love of two sons. My first was truly my teacher, he taught me how to be a father and how to love unconditonally. My second son shows me the love he has in his heart every time we meet. Even though he is 30 years old he is still my little boy. His youth rubs off and stays in my soul.
Thank you again,

Gary said...

Nice! And Lindsay, I like the questions you pose in your poetic response... indeed, where do thoughts go? They must be somewhere! (Some of mine resurface when I'm asleep.)

Zee said...

Must have been the Buddha in you that made you post this post ....

JEFM said...

Dimitri, I have to say this was sweet...

May the gods hear you man.


DA said...

halelujah Arulba..

thx Vee and Nerdine. That's not me with the beard..

Glad you like it Lorraine.

Where do thoughts go as blog ceases to be? Just ask friend Lindsay and he'll make you see.

'puter probs seem to be a universal prob. On- or offshore MD..

Halelujah Madcap!

Well, some would say that Mac's are somewhat Devillish indeed Blog Monkey :-)

Thank you Kathleen and Lenren.

Thank you Dave and thx for stopping by.

Hi Gary, I believe thoughts just ARE and while we are awake we can receive them like we're an antenna..

Zee, I believe you could be right here. Or would you :-)

Gra├žias Don J!

Nerdine said...

I'm a sucker for a man with beard, so I was hoping. Darn! *lol*

Worried said...

I've read that TV and radio signals just go and go, like thelittle pink bunny beating the drum. You cannot see them, smell them, weigh them or see them with a microscope (as far as I know) yet they are definitely there and our receivers pick them up. Maybe thoughts are like that too. And even though we do not receive the words, perhaps we do pick up on the good feelings. It's a thought.

RC said...

I'm sorry, I don't have the time to read the poem right now, but just that look at the picture made my day!:D

Lisa said...

Dimitri, until I read the poem, I thought you were referring to yourself as a "hunk of steel." How cocky! :)

Blogger formerly known as JBlue said...

God has Dimitri on his desktop? Wow.... ;)

Blog Monkey said...

devilish? fie on thee... may the robot devil come take your hands and keep the mastery of the holophoner from out your reach!

well, unless you are a futurama junkie, that's gotta sound like the ravings of a madman.

Progressive Traditionalist said...

Hey, Julian, I think God has Dimitri as his screen saver! (or maybe some sort of diagnostic utility)

Progressive Traditionalist said...

How foolish of me. I realize now that God has Dimitri on his IM.