Sunday, December 04, 2005

What the bleep do I know?

Just when I thought I understood it all :-) the Bleeping Harold sends me a mailing where Hidden Sector Matter is discussed. It has been suggested recently that self-interacting dark matter (SIDM) fits better the observational characteristics of galaxy dynamics.

Another interestign article is on a film named ONE. They claim that it is a film about the interconnectedness of all beings and our responsibility to each other. Imams, mothers, preachers, rabbis, atheists, people-on-the-street, as well as some of the age's greatest thinkers including Thich Nhat Hahn, Dr. Robert Thurman, Ram Dass, Deepak Chopra, Riane Eisler, Father Thomas Keating and the Dalai Lama respond on film to the REAL questions of life. Can't wait to see it. It so appears that a new What the Bleep film will be released in Februari 2006.


Lindsay Lobe said...

Thanks for your posting and the references which I found interesting. Fascinating stuff isn’t it !!

I think the super string theory has been looking for a solution for its unification with larger scale physics for some time as it searches for a “holy grail” of physics ! The trouble with this theory previously was that it’s mathematical model produces too much gravitational effect, as it should collapse in on itself and since that hasn’t happened the theory remains incomplete.
The latest elegant idea provides a “bridge”. but this enlarged theory remains highly speculative and I would suggest prominent scientists like Stephen Hawking would still be largely dismissive.

His past partner at Oxford University, Roger Penrose, who with Hawking was responsible for much of the work substantiating the existence of “black holes” is of a different persuasion. I notice his work is referenced in your supporting articles.

Roger Penrose takes the duality principle of “quantum mechanics” a step further and believes it extends to our “consciousness”. At one level is our “consciousness” and simultaneously at a unaware level, except in dreaming, that other(the duality)continues on after death,( it exists independantly to the mind(how can in it not do otherwise?)as the quantum version of our “soul”. Another interesting theory , but I don’t think we will ever fully discover that “holy grail” of physics. ” !!

In the meantime science will continue to rewrite history as it makes new discoveries, to those who embrace a flexible and inquisitive mind, to consider changes in thinking about anything and everything.

Best wishes

DA said...

THX Lindsay for your beautiful and extraordinary comment. Fascinating? More than that, if only we would outlive the answers (if only I would understand half of it)..

Quantum theory of gravity could perhaps show us exactly what spacetime is.

I wonder what happens at Planck length. Would the foam act in a Euclidean way or is the Dutch "De Sitter" (positive curvature) the best approach towards the reality?

Today I had to go to Paris and I bought the latest Scientific American. Juan Maldacena wrote a very interesting article on the ilusion of gravity.

Best wishes 3,

Scott said...

One of my hero's whom I have had the pleasure to meet, now lives in Europe, Dan Winter, he has some interest theories on some of these subjects that would fascinate you to no end, he studied under Bucky Fuller another hero of mine. ONE sounds very good, I can't wait to see it now. Thich Nhat Hahn has taught me that Peace is every Step, and I can not but wash dishes when I wash dishes because of him. The practice of the eternal Now is what I have found to be of major importance. Dan talks about the recursive universe and how things are nested within themselves in fractal symetry. It is an exciting time to be alive,, transformation everywhere,, Hope all is well with you and yours,

DA said...

Thank you Scott,

I will look up Dan's stuff now.

Great posting on your blog!

Best wishes,

DA said...


Have you visited the website lately Scott?

Surprising stuff indeed :-(

Lindsay Lobe said...

The concept of space and time are usually considered separate aren’t they? We say that space is the empty gaps and time its measurement. Like ordinary time is your horizontal left to right with the oldest events on the left and later times on the right.

But as you know when we speak of space time it’s in the context of the universe as a whole, on a macro level, as if we could be observers looking in!!
In this context space and time is the same thing.

Why is this so?

I think space time arises from the expression of matter, that is, the interaction of objects and energy by gravity.

There can be no time or space before matter, only that that arose from the big bang and afterwards. Time has a beginning and an end, as in a black hole, when space also comes to an end. Space is a product of the expression of that matter, an interaction brought about by gravity. We measure the gap (space) which itself is a representation of the time of that gap that occurred as a mirror reflection of its expression. When I say mirror reflection I mean it reflects what the expression is, which, as a consequence of the effect of gravity, includes a bending of time as one heavier object pulls another towards it, or by energy, but it’s still the same space, just warped or bent time space. That’s what I think space time is. Shrunk or expand to fit!! Product of its expression.
We are tapped inside. We cannot step out and observe, but we can think!!

I think we have to give up on the idea of single universes and go for multi universes don’t we?

The curvature of space time caused by gravitation expressions of matter I think leads to a 3 dimensional space time and an imaginary (it’s outside our understanding, so lets call it imaginary) line meting up around the back of it.
It’s boundless. No edges like a sphere with warped bumps all over it!!

Best wishes

DA said...

Dear Lindsay,

You've just combined space time with John Lennon curvature.

You're great!!

Love DA