Thursday, December 01, 2005

Secret CIA landings and prisons in Europe.

(The Guardian) The transatlantic row over the secret transfer of terror suspects by the Bush administration took a new twist yesterday when it emerged that more than 300 flights operated by the CIA had landed at European airports. CIA director Goss also would not address recent reports that the CIA runs secret prisons in Europe for detaining and interrogating detainees (ABC news). Most of the time we haven't got a clue of what is going on and if we do we just comply. Duh :-(

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Gary said...

A Canadian citizen (Maher Arar) was caught up in this kidnapping and sneaky tranferring to torture-friendly states. He was tortured in Syria and came home only due to the efforts of Amnesty International. I've met with him and his family - what a horror it's been.

This is freedom and democracy at work?