Sunday, December 04, 2005

One Fuyong Hai, a Tjap Choi and some fatburning please.

Women who want to lose weight are being offered a startling new way to burn fat - by being set on fire.

The Life of Life Healing Spa said it can trim down any body part with its fire treatment, where the client is massaged, smothered in Chinese herbs and wrapped in wet towels before being set alight.

The spa's manager told the South China Morning Post that one female client had lost 15 centimetres off her stomach in a single treatment. Another lost 9 kilogrammes after two weeks of daily visits."It keeps you slim by detoxifying your body and by burning fat," manager Winnie Ng was quoted saying. "It also eases internal humidity and rheumatism." Come on Winnie, set me on fire..


Gary said...

Is this for real! If so, please warn all our blogging friends "Do not try this at home..." :)

I enjoy my little bit of extra fat... I have earned it, with good cheese, single malt scotch and the occasional fine chocolate.

Lesley said...

I would have to be really fat and I mean reallllllly fat to give that a try.