Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Non non-smoking and delay

Yesterday afternoon I decided to try the international Intercity train from Amsterdam to Frankfurt today. When I woke up at 6.00h this morning I put on my non smoking cufflinks, why not. Because I did not have reservations for a seat - and I expected there would be plenty of available chairs - I had to find a seat that was not claimed allready. Guess what: the train was completely booked except for three seats. Right: in the six seat smoking compartment. It turned out to be a gross, disgusting voyage. The train however arrived on time and I decided to walk a little bit before visiting our company smelling like a smoked salmon.

I got out in Düsseldorf which is world wide known for its famous christmas entourage at the Königsallee. On my way back in the evening it appeared that most of the railway stations around Amsterdam were closed (reason wasn't told) and our journey was rerouted. I had to leave my car at Schiphol airport, took a cab (have to fly to Paris tomorrow anyway and pick up the car on my return) and got home at 22.00h. I have little faith in railway companies. Was this a self fulfilling prophethy?

This experiment failed. In many ways :-(


Gary said...

The experiment failed, but the story is good! I sometimes smoke a Cuban cigar (with 2 male friends while we tell stories and sip whisky). My daugther makes me leave my coat outside and put my clothes in the laundry after those parties.

Scott said...

Pardoxically,(or Oxymoronic) I am a health nut regarding everything but I smoke,, so I have vowed to be a total non smoker by the end of the year,,( I have quit and restarted, quit,, and doing good now,,,(must not restart, must not restart) so where did you get the cuff links,,, I will be needing a pair very soon!!! lol

DA said...

:-) I love the good life too Gary and have a weakness with almost every single malt from the last 30 miles of the Spey Valley..

Scott, I'll give you mine next year when you visit "The Parade" in Amsterdam and you are still "nicotine free". Good luck!!

Lesley said...

hmmm... I though European trains were suppose to be more reliable. I would expect that here, though not the smoking part since everything is non-smoking. I always complain about how Europe has all the trains and if I want to go anywhere here I pretty much have to fly or drive.

JEFM said...

I love smoking dominican cigars ... and the tobacco quality is so amazing I can't help to smoke a cig every now and then. I know however that if my girlfriend (future) gets pregnant, that'd be the day I quit.

I won't smoke if lil' Jon's coming ... I want him healthy and want him to have his dad for a long time.

I'm such a horrible person ...