Friday, December 02, 2005

1000 times so very, very wrong

A convicted murderer was put to death today in the US 1,000th execution since capital punishment resumed in 1977.

Kenneth Lee Boyd, who was convicted of killing his estranged wife and father-in-law, received a lethal injection and was pronounced dead at 2:15 a.m.

"The execution of Kenneth Boyd has not made this a better or safer world," his attorney Thomas Maher said. "If this 1,000th execution is a milestone, it's a milestone we should all be ashamed of."
In his final words, Boyd asked his daughter-in-law to take care of his son and grandchildren and said, "God bless everybody in here." I think 1000 is 1000 too many, stop executing right now :-(


JEFM said...

Sorry Dimitri, I am 100% in favor of the death penalty.

Can't say feel too bad bout this one.


DA said...

That's ok Jon, who says who's right?

To my opinion these guys may rot in the dungeons until they die but the decision to terminate a life is way out of our league..


JEFM said...

I agree with you, the thing is that we need to "take out" of the genetic pool as many of these violent people as we can.

Maybe its because i live in an island where life's cheap. Ive seen more than 4 people being killed in front of me.

There has to be a deterrent, even if it's something like this. I don't want anybody dead, but if it's me or them ...


Lesley said...

I am against the death penalty for one reason, it has been proved that many people given the death penalty in America were not guilty. Also, I think it sends a mixed message, killing is wrong unless it is the government doing it.