Friday, December 30, 2005


Few weeks ago I decided that I needed some time off. 2005 was a tremendous frantic and emotional year. It was my best working year ever. Let me start to say that I had my fair share of mistakes this year as well:-)

I visited Turkey and India this year, Germany, France, Luxemburg and Spain many times, had the time of my life and great in-depth experiences (and a frequent flyer upgrade:-) Had to work my nuts of to achieve the bonus. Got the best grades for an education that I ever received (used to be more the drop-out type). Was nominated CIO of the year, because of that invited to speech at several conferences and doubled Company Me's market value. Was invited to a lot of network diners, met great people and doubled my love handles too:-) Started getting addicted to blogging and met some wonderful "digital" rays of light.

Finally I turned out to be on the very edge of a major burn-out in the third quarter as well. I am changing a few bad habbits now so I'll be allright next year!

Few things I did not do:
Didn't buy the plasma screen home video set while standing at the counter with the credit card in my hand. Didn't buy the Breitling Pilot's watch that I saved for for many years but we spend some money on second hand furniture and am wearing my sons Mickey Mouse watch.

I didn't quit the current job for major salary improvement after being called by headhunters. In fact I am improving my record number of days with this company every day since I have been kind of a job hopper in the past.

It took me 36 years but somehow I truly believe that I am finally on a very interesting road now. Pure feelings will no longer be benumbed. Shells are and will be casted and new fields of interest will be explored. I feel peaceful and confident.

To all my blogfriends I say: Thank you very, very much for your beautiful, compassionate, profound and warm-hearted comments and your inspiring personal blogs.

I wish you all a lot of humor, love and compassion for 2006,