Monday, December 12, 2005

(The Australian news) THE bashing of two North Cronulla lifesavers by a gang of Middle Eastern youths a week ago was the trigger for an outbreak of the ugly mob violence on the weekend. Certainly the retaliatory text messages calling on "Aussies" to attack Lebanese youths visiting the southern Sydney beach fuelled what NSW Premier Morris Iemma labelled "the ugly face of racism", which erupted in two beachside suburbs on Sunday, resulting in more than 20 people being injured and 16 arrested.And there are threats of more retaliation and violence to come.

The latest mobile phone message being circulated yesterday said: "all arabs unite as one/we will never back down to anyone/the aussies will feel the full force of the arabs as one/brothers in arms unite now/let's show them who's boss/destroy everything/gather at cronulla 18/12/05 midday/spread the message to all arabs/meet up at the lighthouse".

I see this peetmore fire burning over here as well, where does this lead to :-(


Lesley said...

Why do people act like this? What do they think they will gain? It is beyond my understanding.

Pirate said...

The sad part is there arfe a lot of people to blame but a lot of the problem has fallen on the Arab society.

After 9/11 I had several of my Arab friends tell me how terrible it was but they all to a person justified the actions because of what they see is a response to American and Western type countries actions. Actions such as doing business with them. Being in their sacred lands, supporting Israel, and not being Islamic.

When these displaced Arabs realize that those who are being Jihadists need to be stopped and to quit condoning the actions of these fanatics the world-wide repsonses to their violence will stop.

I think it will get worse world-wide before they get the message though.

DA said...

If only we knew how to stop it getting worse Lesley

I wonder if a total exodus of western army would lead to peace Pirat. Irak invading Saudi, Iran, Teheran?