Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sam the Man Mania

Watch the CNN movie by Jeane Moos Mourning world's ugliest dog (bottom of the page), visit Sam The Man Website if you are bored, lost control, drunk or just like Ugly Dogs


Anonymous said...

I like youre other piece, where you write about the golden rules. I particularly like one of the rules: Check with the wife....

(And by the way check your telephone now and then...)

Nova said...

I have to admit that I did not like the look of that dog. But I found that I looked at his pictures a lot, maybe out of sheer disgust or something akin to a person that has to watch a train wreck because they cannot help to look at something horrible.

But in Sam's defense (may he R.I.P.), beauty is inside, not outside.

DA said...

Indeed Nova,

When I saw the beast's picture for the first time I instantly had visions of finding him waiting under my bed awaiting his final attack. But when I saw the CNN movie and heard his awfull schlemiel howling I got the feeling that this creature is so imperfect -to my limited references- that I can only love the little dog for it.

When I see all the websites and comments all over the world it gives me hope. We're not all that bad people :-) Positive new again!