Thursday, December 01, 2005

Selling out on our Unique Selling Points

Amsterdam city coucil is contemplating to close down the red light district because of the criminal gangs that exploit the women. I also read that they want a ban on smoking pod on the street because of the penetrating smell of it. Allthough I am in favour of the ideas it looks like we are selling out on our important international usp's..

I sure hope the Canalmusea compensate the loss of marijuana and boobs..


JEFM said...

Last time I was inside the 'rode licht' I was young and stupid, but i noticed a few things;

- a lot of guys dressed in black (leather) trying to muscle me into buying drugs and i DO believe they force the women and some of them are illegally in the country.

- it wasn't only "pot". There was a lot of sniffing and shots of hard drugs coming up your way ... so maybe, it's not such a bad idea for Amsterdamers.

After all, you people have to live there, 365 days a year.

DA said...

You may consider yourself lucky Jon,

Last week an English guy was shot after refusing to buy drugs there.

JEFM said...

See what I mean?

I saw a lot of that going on. It wasn't "cool" at all, kind of dangerous actually.