Friday, December 02, 2005

Bad Santa

Santa Claus is facing the sack from a Dutch shopping centre after he smacked a young boy for pulling his beard.

Santa hit the boy on the backside in front of dozens of shoppers in the town of Rijswijk. Defending his actions, he said: "If I hadn’t done that, he would have pulled off my beard and dozens of children would have been traumatised." No more milk and cookies for this guy!


Whitney said...


The "dozens of kids" aren't traumatized by seeing santa smack one of the kids?

JEFM said...

I kind of think he did the right thing. Now kids know Santa means business.


Blogger formerly known as JBlue said...

Traumatize one for the good of the many?

I agree with Whitney.

JEFM said...

Good ol' spanking never hurted anyone. Kids do whatever they want now because there is no order. Order does not come from physical punishment, it's something you have to slowly get inside the child ... but what he hell.

Behave, or even Santa will spank you.


Lesley said...

Bad children don't get presents and they just might be smacked. I don't really have a problem with that. I assume he warned the kid to stop first. It is one of those lessons of life.

JEFM said...

I agree with your opinion Lesley.


DA said...

I am afraid I disagree here. I am sure I will never hit or spank my son (nor have I ever). Physical correction is a wrong imprint for a child's future.

The only physical contact we have is about hugging. That we do a lot though..

Adults should never, ever, touch children any other way.