Thursday, December 22, 2005

Just thinking..

A few posts ago I wrote about our invitation to a gala. Last Sunday we attended the event together with members of our parliament, some royals, a few majors and some business people. It was a wonderful event. We listened to the Choir of King's College from Cambridge singing Christmas carols. The little boy in the middle could not have been older than 6. Many times he didn’t sing at all and picked his nose, looked at his finger and wondered what do with it. This, off course was very endearing.

During the following diner I looked around and noticed all people having one thing in common. We were all native Dutch and English people. No coloured people, no Muslims (which is not surprising when inviting to listen to a Christian Choir). When I look back to all the people on the network diners and meetings I was invited this year, almost 100% of them are autochthon. When you look at the leaders of our Amsterdam AEX listed companies, they are all autochthon and immigrants aren’t seen in the old boys networks as well.

This made me think of the American skull and bones network who are heavily influenced by the German Hegelian philosophy. Hegel was the culmination of the German idealistic philosophy school of Immanuel Kant. To Hegel, our world is a world of reason. The state is Absolute Reason and the citizen can only become free by worship and obedience to the state. Hegel called the state the “march of God in the world” and the “final end.” This final end, Hegel said, “has supreme right against the individual, whose supreme duty is to be a member of the state.” Both fascism and communism have their philosophical roots in Hegelianism.

Bonesmen share an affinity for the Hegellian ideas of the historical dialectic, which dictates the use of controlled conflict - thesis versus anti-thesis - to create a pre-determined synthesis. A synthesis of their making and design, where the state is absolute and individuals are granted their freedoms based on their obedience to the state - a New World Order.

When I was “young” I always looked up to board members of multinationals like Lou Gerstner (IBM) and Lee Iaccoca (Chrysler) and wanted to be like them (I look somewhat different to that after the Enron, Worldcom and Ahold scandals). Our immigrant youth needs role models outside the mosques too. I believe we need a new world order that strives for peace and humanity. But is has to be a multiform society with representatives at the top from all religions and cultures. This is the only way to prevent more retaliation and violence such as recently seen in Paris and Australia.

I am sure that autochthons are not kept out on purpose. At least not most of the time. Or are they? Anyway, we need to find a way how to get the various cultures on our executive boards!