Sunday, April 30, 2006

Queens day

This weekend the Netherlands celebrated the birthday of our previous queen. It's a national holiday and many people visit Amsterdam because of the events that are organized. On Queens Day you are allowed to sell personal stuff so the centre of Amsterdam turns into a gigantic market place. Last week my son asked me to buy him a new computer game. I told him that he could earn it himself by selling some of his old toys on the market. This weekend he earned his new game himself (6 y.o.) with a little help of his girlfriend (and us of course). First lessons in economics..

I had to park my ride on the safety island, as many people parked it on the pavement. Normally you get towed away but on Queens day they are more tolerant.

Kids were elated the entire day, we ended up exhausted but fulfilled. Took the day off tomorrow to do some studying. Have to finish my dissertation somewhere in June and have to clear some backlog. It has been a crazy week abroad and attending round tables, unable to blog. Next week will be about the same. Frankfurt, Paris and Barcelona. See you later, take care..