Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sometimes my country makes me sick.

Kosovar schoolgirl Taida Pasic lost her court appeal yesterda against the decision to expel her from the Netherlands.

Pasic has been involved in a high-profile battle with Immigration and Integration Minister Rita Verdonk since the start of the year. The judge in Amsterdam found that the Minister acted correctly when she refused to grant Pasic, 18, a residence permit to allow her to finish her VWO secondary education in the Netherlands

Pasic's family fled from Kosovo to the Netherlands when she was 12. The IND decided the family could not stay and they were given money to leave voluntarily. Taida said she returned to complete her schooling in the hope of going on to study law at university.

Immigration officials came to the school in Winterswijk at the beginning of the year and put her in handcuffs in front of her classmates. She was initially placed in a deportation centre but has been staying for some time with the family of a school friend.

This girl -to my opinion- is an exemplary student for our Dutch youth. She shows courage, perseverance, was rewarded good grades and desired to go to university. And what does my freaking country do? We just kick her out of the Netherlands because that's our law. Sometimes my country makes me sick.