Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Whining and dining

Today I am invited at The Vanenburg Kastle together with some MP's, managers and scientists. We are discussing the Dutch economy getting up to speed within an hyper competitive and mature market. Main question is: how do you realize profiable growth through excelence in compliance? Many companies find themselves hindered by the overload of compliancy regulations nowadays.

I will defend the thesis that they should stop whining about it and start spending energy on identifying possible advantages. Compliance (Sarbanes Oxley 302 & 404 for example) is all about having better and more effective (internal) processes. Normally I stirr off the group until diner time and then when several glasses of wine are consumed and the day is wrapped up they usually love me or hate me from the bottom of their hart. Both are fine, as long as they have an opinion.