Wednesday, April 05, 2006

"a pawn of Washington"

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez used his 'traditional' Saturday television talk at the weekend to lash out at our Defence Minister Henk Kamp, calling him a "pawn of Washington", who allegedly helped spread the lie that Venezuela is planning to launch an attack on the Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean. Chavez said Kamp's comments are part of a US-led campaign to put his country in a bad light.The United States wants to use the Antillean island of Curacao as a springboard to launch an attack on Venezuela. Venezuela wants to seize control of Curacao and the other Antillean islands of Aruba and Bonaire. We will be holding a large military exercise in the Caribbean this spring, together with the US, France and other countries, as a way of sending a warning shot to Venezuela. These are the main ingredients - whether true or not - in a war of words that's been raging like a bushfire since the beginning of last month despite efforts to bring the situation back to some semblance of reality.

Many Dutch residents would be more than happy to hand over our Falkland Islands, the Netherlands Antilles to the pawn of Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez. They are nothing but a corrupt bunch of cocaine addicted would be politicians. So please take it Hugo, have it for free, consider it our wedding gift and enjoy!!


Kathleen Callon said...

You aren't a pawn of Washington, but Chavez can be pretty funny. I read he's called Bush a "pendejo" which basically means a stupid as*hole... pretty funny actually. He seems to have more oil than even the Saudis, and he's getting more and more vocal. I think if he's left alone he'll leave others alone though, except that he loves mouthing off. We'll see.

Kathleen Callon said...

Hahahah... I saw your comments at AMber's and Blog Monkey's. Everything OK? You're much funnier than you let on.

Zee said...

Hugo Chavez a corrupt cocaine addicted would be politician?
Hmmm, did you ever saw the film "The revolution can not be televised"?
I think Chavez is about the only leader of any country in the world important to US interests who actually opens up his mouth in disagreement of US policy. Well - what's wrong with that?

Lesley said...

I have to kind of agree with Zee. I like Chavez as he is the only leader who is willing to say whatever he wants to Bush. He drives Bush insane with all that oil he has. Chavez maybe a commie pawn of Castro, but at least he isn't sucking up to Bush just so he can get some hand outs.

DA said...

We'll see indeed Kat, I don't know about his army but I guess they're nothing more then local junta..Thx:-)

I guess you could read it both ways Zee but I was referring to the Dutch Antilles when writing cocaine addicted would be politicians. Have to see the movie now..

Good thing that he speaks up Lesley but when he insults my fellow countrymen he pisses me off.

Gary said...

'raging like a BUSHFIRE' - nice choice of words Dimitri. The interesting thing about Chavez is that he is one of so many Latin American nations that are heading left. I'm keen to see how it goes for their people in the next 10 years.

The poor Bushites are feeling like they're back in the Cold War (without any Russians to go after). They are losing influence in the south and are getting criticized and treated rudely by Chavez and pals.

Maybe they need to relax and forget about the good old days of installing puppet leaders and paying for insurgencies. Unfortunately, they are poking around Venezuela's borders right now - looking for some "freedom fighters" (from information I have learned).

I'll take a Carribbean Island if you're giving them away! (Just a little one, with a nice beach and a little palapa will do.)

Blogger formerly known as JBlue said...

Hey, can I get in on that island giveaway, too?

I have to admit a grudging admiration for Chavez.

Blog Monkey said...

i don't need an island. a large dinghy and a bottle of scotch will do nicely.

Lenren said...

I have to agree with Kat-you are alot funnier than you let on! I was a little worried I would turn you (I really thought of you) off my blog with the F U posts.Anyway it is rare to see someone so smart and very funny.Ok lets cue the Full House music.:)Amber

DA said...

I hear you brother Gary, you'd be the first in line if I were in charge :-)

Have to learn more about him I guess Jules.

Have to look up "dinghy" Monkey (the latter is more familiar)

Hmm, good it was funny but I guess I let myself go there. Darn.. must be in control allways...

JEFM said...

Wow, is that you Dimitri?!

Chavez is cool... his only problem being his bi-polar disorder... there's nothing wrong with that... when you get treatment.