Saturday, April 08, 2006


Last week we celebrated our annual top 200. This is when we invite our European top management to a gathering where we share annual figures and future strategy. Since we are being taken over and delisted from the stock exchange within a few months it was in fact a very strange meeting. Many people asked me about their jobs and future roles. I tried to be as positive as possible but what can you say if in fact you can't tell anything at the moment?

Since I'm kind of a jobhopper -at least I was (gettin' older now), I don't worry too much about having or finding a job. But a lot of my colleagues do and this has a kind of paralysing effect on many of them. Today I felt the same for the first time in my life. I felt benumbed and indeed paralyzed. Tried to study but it didn't work. Ended up at 14.00h with mrs. in our favourite brasserie in Amsterdam where we just enjoyed eating and drinking and sharing thoughts with the owners.

I am going to sleep early tonight and take a deep breath tomorrow morning. I have to be positive again monday morning, that's what I am payed for. And I will be..

I wish you all a pleasant and relaxing weekend.

P.S. I'm gaining weight, you see that? It's the pants right?