Monday, April 17, 2006

Yawning pay gap in European Union

A yawning pay gap exists between rich and poor countries in the European Union, with German and Dutch workers earning six times more per hour than equivalent workers in Slovakia.

According to Pay in Europe 2006, a report published this month by the Federation of European Employers (FedEE), the top ten countries and territories in the European pay league are

1: Denmark, 2: Norway, 3: Switzerland, 4: Liechtenstein, 5: Luxembourg, 6: Germany, 7: Guernsey (Channel Islands), 8: Isle of Man, 9: The Netherlands and 10: Finland.

At the bottom of the league table are 44: Albania, 45: Ukraine, 46: Bulgaria, 47: Belarus and 48: Moldova.


Lindsay Lobe said...

Interesting posts about a number of aspects concerning sustainability and Human rights in our global village.

We are all dependant on one another and every action has a reaction elsewhere which affects us.

So in your region countries need to develop ethical labour standards for outsourcing that are sustainable in those countries and fair to all.

Apart from that the headline difference is mitigated in countries with a higher taxing rate assuming its paid and not avoided.

Denmark is currently Number 1 I think in the World.

Best wishes

anoop said...

Interesting to know that the disparity in pay scales is not just across continents , but even prevalent inside Europe as well...i love the pics that accompany yr posts.

DA said...

I fully agree Lindsay. We should take the opportunity within Europe but the Europenean Union seems not the way. Having one currency didn't provide the necesarry comfort as well.

Yes, it is very Prevalent over here Anoop, even in ICT. We pay for about €100.- per hour for a good systemsadministrator or software engineer over here while in Spain he's paid €45.- (which is a thousand miles away) And still I am having much difficulties to convince our local boards that we should centralize our architecture.

If we only could start with all speaking English, that would be a major improvement.

Zee said...

I am not going to get "into it" - but I believe it was a fatal mistake to level out countries in Europe to fabricate a superficial "Super-country" based on market driven desires.
EUROPE is not a country, it is a concept, a mind game for capitalists.
Local communities working in global harmony - not globalization dictating local communities will be the answer to just economics.

Nerdine said...

It was a bit surprising actually to me that Denmark is number one.. But I knew Norway was high up there. Did the survey consider living expences etc too - or just pay pr hour?