Sunday, May 07, 2006

A busy week it was..

First off to Germany, then Paris and luckily Spain was cancelled. As per many requests I took some pictures. Hope you enjoy. Here's some pictures from tuesday morning (6.00u) somewhere in the German river Main valley shot from my hotelroom balcony:

We had organized a social event for our European colleagues who flew in for the testing of our European Datawarehouse: we had to play the sax together. This was great fun and I fell in love immediately with the instrument.

Fridaynight I was invited at the Scheveningen Kurhause for diner. I stayed over and relaxed at the Scheveningen boulevard the other day. Blue skies, beach and sun. It should allways be like that..

Last picture taken for Gary..

This afternoon I am invited for the Dutch Cup-final AJAX - PSV . Should be fun too since hooligans have been warming up the entire week. CU later!

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Worried said...

Thank you DA, for the photos. I like the architecture shot especially. Surely is a lot of no-nos on the last shot. It looks like a Gary-type pic.