Friday, May 19, 2006

The good 'ol days..

It must have been about 37 years and 9 months plus a few or something ago. I still remember it as if it were yesterday. I was living together with a few million happy campers in a warm and cosy place. That morning we were told that this cute little egg was to be released and man she was told to be something else..

From that announcement on I had this strange feeling of competition. I just had to win that race at every cost. So when the race was declared open by a loud and intense "Yessssssss" I swam like hell. I swam as if my life depended on it. Millions of competitors I left behind. I was in the best shape ever. Man, I would have swom to the moon and back if I had to.

As I could almost smell victory coming I saw that little big mouth bragger swimming just past by me. No way I was going to let him win. I caught him by the tail and kicked him in the teeth. One more down and just a few more inches to go. I gave it my utmost effort and redirected all my energy to my final strokes.

I won!

Millions of them losers I left behind.

My life hasn't been the same since..


Kathleen Callon said...

So love this. Very creative. We are all statistical anomilies, which makes each of us miracles in our own way.

Hope you have a great weekend, Dimitri.

Granny said...

Has a sperm ever written a post before?

Fouad said...

Way to go buddy! and we're all the happier that you actually made it. I still have to say that the losers you mentioned were all your brothers and sisters. So be proud, but be humble and considerate, and I would light a candle for each one of them every year if I were you :)

Last but not least, Happy Birthday DA, and here's to many happy returns :)

madcapmum said...

So, uh... Happy Conception Day, Dimitri?

Nova said...

What an unusually creative and original post!

Gary said...

Memoire of a Dutch sperm - should be a classic.

Now you have to write from the egg's point of view Dimitri - that's you too!

Tina said...

"Ode to an Ovum"
by a Dutch sperm

...soon to be followed by

"Serenades to a Sperm"
by an Ovulating Ovary

Sothis said...

Have you ever seen Woody Allen's "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Sex..."? If you haven't, rent it. You'll get a great laugh.

Great post! From sperm, to embryo, to the Internet. Ain't DNA a trip?

abhay k said...

Eggs finally have found a voice...beginning with Amesterdam..first at many things...

Shaneena said...

Makes me think of a book I've just finished... "The Solitaire Mystery" by Jostein Gaarder.

He too talkes about how we are all fabulous individuals who's past relatives have all survived every plague, every war and every accident until they had offsprings... Or else, we wouldn't have existed...!