Sunday, February 26, 2006

ANTI anti Mohammed cartoons demonstration

Yes. We did it again..

Amsterdam now is worldwide leader in ANTI anti Mohammed cartoon demonstrations. Yesterday there was a demonstration on the Amsterdam Dam Square (central square) where people demonstrated for freedom of speech (local government permitted the demonstration). No flags were burned, no one was killed luckily but there were some riots. Police had to separate demonstrators and anti anti anti demonstrators.

I guess now we're the first in ANTI anti anti Mohammed cartoon demonstrations as well..

Following I found on the Dutch demonstration web:

"Demonstration 25th of February 13:00 hours. Location: Dam square, Amsterdam -final update:Permission for the demonstration has been received. The council has requested to end the demonstration at 15:30 hours in order to free staff for the commemoration of the 1941 February-Strike. This event is held elsewhere. Flags and texts:In Holland, little is prohibited. However, texts containing expressions of racism (ethnic or cultural), calls to violence or hate, are prohibited. NO NAZI SYMBOLS, these will not be tolerated. The main theme is continued freedom of speech. It is also a protest against the religious frenzy and solidarity with those who suffer from it. It is not a demonstration to deliberately insult populations or parts of populations.How to get there:The Dam square is near Amsterdam Central-Station (see map) at the end of the opposing street 'Damrak'. For information on public transport, please use links below. Food&Beverage:Plenty of outlets in the area but if many come, they may be flooded. It is advisable to bring water. Water can also be useful if someone accidentally uses a lighter a bit clumsy.Toilet facilities:None. The original plan (see previous update) has been cancelled partly due to the duration of the demonstration. Security and safety:There will be police present. The police are neutral. We hope they treat us correctly. They hope we treat them correctly.Small factions have made some threats and attempts to intimidate. It is difficult to assess how serious these attempts are. The council has requested these factions to demonstrate elsewhere. As a precaution, it is advisable not to bring children. One can ask oneself if children are conscious of what the demonstration is about.Because accidents can happen, a small medic first aid kit can be useful.Weather forecast Saturday (KNMI)-update:Sun 60%, rain 10%, temperature 4 °C, wind NE -4."


Dem Soldier said...

Lol...anti anti demonstrations...

Intolerance at its finest.

Lindsay Lobe said...

It’s confusing!! Presumably the anti cartoonists versus the freedom writers, or free press!! That’s real democracy! Hopefully without any violence

Ammey Kesarkar said...

I strongly support freedom of speech!
But I also strongly believe in Mahatma Gandhi.
The great man taught me…
'See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil'

Tina said...

Anti-anti demonstrations... sigh. This entire situation has grown so far out of control that I think it deserves an ironic quote: I will quote Austin Powers' father Nigel Powers (as played by the great Michael Caine) from the movie Goldmember as Nigel comments on the Dutch evil mastermind Goldmember:
"There are 2 things I simply hate in this world. People who are intolerant of other people's cultures AND the Dutch."

Pirate said...

another sign the world is heading straight to the nut house.

Zee said...

This is no laughing matter, this issue really burns down to be a matter of a "clash of civilizations". I can not fathom it otherwise. There is nothing confusing about it, nor is this anti-anti demo a presentation of intolerance towards other people or religions. It simply says: You stay on your premises, so do we!
Yes, and Gandhi was wrong when saying "see no evil"... it is actually a duty of present conscious human beings to see "evil" right into the eye.
How-else can we ever wake up to the truth!

Gary said...

I'd like to demonstrate against demonstrations that are anti anti anti demonstrations against freedom of speech objections to religious freedom.

Or maybe just go to bed, read my John Irving novel and hope people will all come to their senses and get along.

Joking aside: I'm with Zee that basic human rights trump religious or cultural beliefs...

Granny said...

Hi Dimitri. I've fallen a little behind on my reading.

I also think I've been spelling your name incorrectly all this time and you were too courteous to tell me. Where did I get Dmitri? I need to buy a vowel.

I finally finished Tina and Julian's meme and posted the answers on granny.

Care to join us if you haven't already?

Granny said...

Lots of people named Dmitri. I feel a little better now. Thank you google.

Ammey Kesarkar said...

Many never understood Gandhi… and I won’t blame Gandhi for that

It’s NOT giving a blind eye towards the evil… instead it speaks about controlling our own involvement WITH the evil…
Zee, nothing personal… we can agree to disagree J

I am enjoying your posts and the discussion involved!

Progressive Traditionalist said...

Ice cream should be passed out to the protesters, and everyone made to eat the same flavor.

DA said...

Humor is the best antifrustration method I guess Soldier
I've been in a was-room managing someting last days, no time to blog, but I'm back. Sorry for the delay..

With just a little violence. Mano a mano Lindsay. Not good but better than knives or guns..

Ammey, I fully agree. See some posts ago. "People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use." Kiekegaard once said.

LOL Tina. Didn't knew he was Dutch. It's the guy with his Litttle Me right?

I hope you're wrong Pirate. If demonstrations and even anti demonstrations prevent violence then we are heading the right way I hope.

Humor is the best antifrustration method I said earlier. I like a little irony and cynism Zee. When I saw the guys in the demonstration they appeared to be the old core of neo facists taking advantage of this freedom of speech thing..Nothing new.

I think everyone would agree, even most Muslims Gary. Hope you enjoyed Irvin. I haven't started yet..

Don't worry Granny, I've been getting used to it. You don't know how many times they misspell my last name too. What's in a name :-))

Ammey, Thx for the compliment. I visited the Gandhi house in Mumbay a few months ago and learned a lot from his history. I was struck by his non-violence approach. It took so much courage to stand up alone for such a short person.

Voltaire once said "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" Question is: Does this only make sense if we also say "You disapprove of what I say, but I will defend to the death my right to say it."?

Good suggestion PT bitter lemon for example :-)

DA said...

was-room? WaR-room, typo..

Worried said...

I'd like to know how the various factions managed to keep track of who they opposed? It sounds terribly confusing.

I believe I'll reserve my "demonstrations" to holding a candle and small flag at the remembrance ceremonies honoring our veterans And trying to restrain my eldest, the Wild Child, from getting too carried away with fervor as she waves her 4'X 6' POW flag, determined that they, too, will be remembered. We hate the wars but support our troops.

Fortunately there are few antis to disturb these events. Only one time did a few anti-war hecklers try to create a disturbance during the solemn ceremonies. I could not understand their point; everyone present were anti-war but pro-troops. Those few were quickly discouraged by several large, somewhat scruffy looking individuals wearing the Bandido colors who approached them with scowls and menacing attitudes. Violence was unnecesary.

Matt said...

Freedom of Speech, should be protected but there is such a thing of being responsible.

I believe the violent protests around the world had very little to do with the cartoon, as much as it did.. for an excuse to be violent. Islam like Christianity is supposed to be a religion of peace, if someone offends you, you don't smash their head in. There is always going to be those who will mock and ridicule, but when you give in to it and let them bait you into actions such as those violent protests.. then you just feed the cause your fighting against in the first place.

Nova said...

Maybe I'm wrong, but it's just a cartoon. There are countless anti-Christian cartoons everywhere which seem to just be ignored. I think people should just grow a thicker skin and not take something as lame as cartoons so seriously.

Kathleen Callon said...

Humor is "the best antifrustration method.

They may just be cartoons, but they are disrespectful.

Blogger formerly known as JBlue said...

If it weren't for humor, I would not have survived to this point. I would have a hard time finding the will to even get out of bed some mornings!

So, are you anti ANTI anti anti demonstrations? Because you lost me.

Zee said...

Kathleen - if I am disrespectful to you, will you burn down my house in response and kill my brothers and sisters because I happened physicaly to escape your wrath?

Zee said...

For some Islam is a religion corrupted with secularism. For others, Socialism and National Socialism are pathological forms of religion. Is this really the crucial issue right now? What is at stake is that Western civilization is based on individual freedom and responsibility, freedom to be a religious person and also freedom to be an atheist.
Secularism can mean either separation of church and state or agressive anti-religious policy. I oppose the latter. Jihadists oppose the former. And, as noted by Muslims, Islam does not support the distinction between religion and politics, church and state. And thus everyone opposing Islamism will have only two options: either re-unite sword and altar and declare another Christian crusade or actively support secularism. Nothing else will work, no "war on terror" (an other kind of crusade), no apeasements either...

Progressive Traditionalist said...

Islam is a very old religion, filled with many traditions. It is a gross over-simplification to say, they oppose this, or, they oppose that.
Much more accurate to say "some oppose this..." or "some oppose that..."
And many more never protested or rioted, etc.
What I get out of this is that, like with Christianity in America, once again the radical elements define the face of the group.
In such times, we should be careful to 1) look beyond what is most readily presented to us, and 2) always be mindful of the underlying danger.

Scott said...

The Voltaire quote is a favorite of mine. What a wonderful wacky world we live in today. Another favorite quote: In an insane world, only the Insane are sane.
Miss reading your blog, but I am trying to get around to see all my favorite Bloggers tonight. Hope you are well my friend.
PS: Post your favorite flower/plant on my blog please... I am planting a blog garden.

DA said...

WA, it's amazing to see supporting and loving family members on both sides. Makes me wonder why we fight anyway..

I fully agree Matt. No use of religious bashing when you know the outcome.

I think these fundamentalists will find an excuse anyway Nova.

Indeed Katleen.

Julian, I would say that I am FOR compassion :-)

It remains a matter of explaining the wholy books. I believe the majority isn't that agressive Zee.

As allways, the extremists get the media attention PT.

Hi Scott, good to see you again..

Blog Monkey said...


this still running on? let's all have some pasta and get on with our lives.

or some such.