Sunday, February 26, 2006

ANTI anti Mohammed cartoons demonstration

Yes. We did it again..

Amsterdam now is worldwide leader in ANTI anti Mohammed cartoon demonstrations. Yesterday there was a demonstration on the Amsterdam Dam Square (central square) where people demonstrated for freedom of speech (local government permitted the demonstration). No flags were burned, no one was killed luckily but there were some riots. Police had to separate demonstrators and anti anti anti demonstrators.

I guess now we're the first in ANTI anti anti Mohammed cartoon demonstrations as well..

Following I found on the Dutch demonstration web:

"Demonstration 25th of February 13:00 hours. Location: Dam square, Amsterdam -final update:Permission for the demonstration has been received. The council has requested to end the demonstration at 15:30 hours in order to free staff for the commemoration of the 1941 February-Strike. This event is held elsewhere. Flags and texts:In Holland, little is prohibited. However, texts containing expressions of racism (ethnic or cultural), calls to violence or hate, are prohibited. NO NAZI SYMBOLS, these will not be tolerated. The main theme is continued freedom of speech. It is also a protest against the religious frenzy and solidarity with those who suffer from it. It is not a demonstration to deliberately insult populations or parts of populations.How to get there:The Dam square is near Amsterdam Central-Station (see map) at the end of the opposing street 'Damrak'. For information on public transport, please use links below. Food&Beverage:Plenty of outlets in the area but if many come, they may be flooded. It is advisable to bring water. Water can also be useful if someone accidentally uses a lighter a bit clumsy.Toilet facilities:None. The original plan (see previous update) has been cancelled partly due to the duration of the demonstration. Security and safety:There will be police present. The police are neutral. We hope they treat us correctly. They hope we treat them correctly.Small factions have made some threats and attempts to intimidate. It is difficult to assess how serious these attempts are. The council has requested these factions to demonstrate elsewhere. As a precaution, it is advisable not to bring children. One can ask oneself if children are conscious of what the demonstration is about.Because accidents can happen, a small medic first aid kit can be useful.Weather forecast Saturday (KNMI)-update:Sun 60%, rain 10%, temperature 4 °C, wind NE -4."