Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Blowing eeh..Blogging in Amsterdam

Our Dutch office of tourism invited 25 American bloggers over here to share their experiences to the world via the web. They started the blog http://www.bloggersinamsterdam.com/ a week ago and have posted their first experiences now. No info on the red light district or coffeeshops YET..


Blogger formerly known as JBlue said...

That's interesting.

Was just catching up on your blog. I'm a Star Trek fan, too. Deep Space Nine is my all-time favorite TV show.

Nova said...

Maybe I should contribute a post to them. I have some "interesting" experiences of Amsterdam myself that involve the Red Light District and the coffeeshops. Of course, I was not a participant to any of the activities and can only offer a very cursory bystander point of view.

Vee said...

lol. Interesting idea. I read the collective blog, it's pretty good. I saw some cute guys in there too. hehehe

Lesley said...

They started the blog a week ago and still haven't mentioned the red light district and coffee shops? Something is wrong with those bloggers.

DA said...

Ah..DS9 is one of my favourites too Julian.

Bystander point of view is good enough Nova. I'm interested now..

Luckily not all bloggers are nerds Vee:-)

I checked some of their own blogs out Lesley and there I did find uncensored info..

Mother Damnable said...

One of my most profound experiences in Amsterdam was of a visit to Ann Franks house.

When I left I just sat by the canal, numb.

I do love the vitality of Amsterdam. It's a shame if these bloggers are being censored kinda defeats the object.

Ah well!

Gary said...

They never invited me to come and blog - and when I was 17 years old, I visited Amsterdam's famous pot-serving cafe (I think it was called Paradise or Heaven or something - I mean, who would remember?)

I walked around the red light district, hoping one of the nice ladies would talk to me, but was too shy to talk to them.