Sunday, February 12, 2006

Lucky Person

Just saw an article on Al Jazeera about Ayaan Hirsi Ali's performance in the media yesterday. It's all about freedom of speech again. This article gives a clear impression on the style that is used by Al Jazeera. The author is Professor, Dr. Ali Al-Hail, Professor of Mass Communication. I don't know where he received his title but fact finding and clear non-emotional communication doesn't seem to be his strongest quality.

On Jihad Unspun I read an article by Al Andalusi. I quote: "The time for Muslims is to strongly protest and boycott the European products alongside preparing to fight this new Crusade struck at the very heart of our belief and values. The perpetrators of these crimes deserve execution similar to what Von Gogh met so that everyone comes to know the price of reviling Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him). In the last century a similar incident took place in British India when a Hindu named Rajpal insulted Prophet Muhammad (Peacce Be Upon Him) by printing derogatory cartoon of our Prophet. An ordinary faithful guardian of the honour came out and punished that devil with death. He was Ghazi Ilmuddin who was later arrested and charged by British authorities, he pleaded not guilty and gladly accepted the gallows to earn martyrdom. His holy grave lies in peace to this day in heart of Pakistan, Lahore. Taliban Mujahideen have promised reward of gold bar for anyone executing the evil cartoonist. Are we waiting for another Nur Ad Din Zangi or Ghazi Ilmuddin or has our faiths become worthless? Only time will tell."

The Dutch-Somali member of parliament Ayaan Hirsi Ali is disappointed by the British media's acceptance of the religious case. She does not believe it stems from concern for pious feelings but rather fear of violent reprisal. 'You're scared,' she says. 'That's a shame.' A former Muslim herself, she lives under 24-hour police guard, and has done so since before Theo van Gogh, the director of her film Submission, was shot in Amsterdam by an Islamic extremist.

“This is Europe and if we have a thought, we can express it,” she told BBC radio. It takes somebody from Somalia to remind us how precious, and how very hard won, that freedom is.

The Al Jazeera and Jihad Unspun articles are reprehensible and qualify to utter filth as far as I'm concerned. The first Al Jazeera author has a right to express himself however.
The second author from Jihad Unspun has cross bordered every form of respect and schould go to jail when living in the western world.
Hirsi Ali encourages the media to publish the cartoons. That's putting oil on the fire and it is unneccesarry. Now she is planning to make a new release of her Submission movie. That will for sure let the shit hit the fan for herself and for the Netherlands.
Hirsi Ali's first name Ayaan means "Lucky Person". I hope she'll be well but wonder when she runs out of it.
Soren Kierkegaard said it: People demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.


DA said...

Somehow Al Jazeera blocks links to articles. It is (now) the second article on:

and called: Hyaan Hersi Ali's Contemptible Performance By Ali Al-Hail

madcapmum said...

I've been speculating lately about Islam. I'm wondering if it isn't in the same place today that Christianity was in 500 years ago, going through a very violent phase.

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

I think madcapmum has raised an interesting point.

Thank you for your kind and heartfelt words on my blog. YOu are indeed a very special man.

Kathleen Callon said...

The cartoons that are spurring the protest had already been printed in Muslim newspapers.

A great book I read a while ago is called "From Beirut to Jerusalem". In this book the author states that some Muslims (I think this is seen with many groups, not just Muslim) are prone to argue and to want to fight (especially when they live in poor and unsafe conditions). When Americans and Europeans are absent, many of these people will fight amongst themselves, but when an outsider is available or when they feel oppressed within a foriegn nation, they often bond together and fight the outsider. This isn't always the case, but in this instance the author seems to give an explanation as to why this may all be happening.

It's important to remember most Muslims are peaceful and good. It's the small percentage of irrational ones that we tend to see in the news.

Granny said...

I'm having problems sorting out my feelings on this one so for now I'm more or less lurking.

Like the new look.

Check out isamericaburning when you have a chance. I'm bragging. We made the Chicago Sun-Times.

Mother Damnable said...

I feel that Islam has been pushed into a corner by christianity/capitalism.

I can see and understand the desperate unhappiness of many peoples.

I think that it's part of the conspiracy that people should be split and disagree amongst ourselves.

Let's face it this kind of disagreement plays right into the hands of the war mongers who are ruling the western world.

I am sad that anybody should be hurt by this and hope that tempers cool down.

My Islamic brothers and sisters are as dear to my heart as you all are.

JEFM said...

Yeah... I love it.

"Intergration", "brotherhood" and other terms are written in this comment board at the same time when this guy's talking about slicing the guts out of any european or euro-american within reach...

Enemy at the gates anyone?

This statements from Islam-o-Fascists shouldn't be tolerated.


DA said...

I agree on that Madcap and Barbara, enligtenment and emancipation have to be developed over there.

It's the minority again indeed Kathleen. They do make the sound of a majority always. The "normal" once we seldom hear..

I will check it out Granny.

Just read that the war mongers are getting to iran now MotherD

They shouldn't be tolerated over here indeed Jon. They would be arrested. But over there I don't mind. Not a reason to start a war I think. Although it's getting slightly out of control I think..