Sunday, February 12, 2006

Fast Food makes people sick

An unknown number of people got sick an hour ago in a Burger King outlet on the Amsterdam Nieuwendijk. The firedepartment blocked the street and are taking air samples at the moment. It is not clear if the sick people are hospitalized.

Normally you're the sick the day after. Did they change the recipe or is it fast food in optima forma?


Zee said...

" food makes people sick", yes indeed! I would even go further and proclaim that fast food is the main contributor to growing obesity and obesity has now surpassed smoking as the number one factor for cardiac complications and arrest. In other words, fast food (bad nutrition) has become the #1 heart killer in western civilization.

Granny said...

It may be. My skinny girls don't seem to have a problem but I believe in moderation and what I call rationing.

Two french fry outings a month is usually it. They haven't had any so far for February.

Not to turn your blog into a debate but I think the blame (if that's the word) lies with parents, not restaurants. Same with advertising on t.v. Don't these parents understand how to say no?

I do.

Vee said...

I agree with Granny. It's upto an individual to control how much they eat. etc.etc. Just because fast food is available (allover the place) doesn't mean you have to gorge on it. :)

Progressive Traditionalist said...

I hear asparagus grows wild in Wisconsin. Still, I would have to moderate (somewhat; I suppose moderation in moderation is an option).