Monday, February 13, 2006

It's Secret Origami time folks. All together now..

Welcome to our Secret Origami class.
This time we won't be folding birds or butterflies but...
yes.. burning Twin Towers !!
Here we go: First fold a new $20 bill this way

Fold the right side under exactly as you folded the left side

Now flip it over and see other side- You will find the U.S. Twin Towers ablaze

Thank you for watching Secret Origami time. See you back soon!
(For more Origami fun: Al Jazeera Origami lesson 1 )


Vee said...

Actually my sisinlaw showed me this a couple of years back. It is kind of freaky.

Dem Soldier said...

I saw this while back.....Very freaky indeed....

JEFM said...

It's in the eye of the beholder... it's cool none the less.


Mother Damnable said...


Entertaining Origami, I can make a butterfly ring in 13 folds.

Intersting link Thank you :>)

DA said...

Is it THAT old? And I thougt I had the scoop of the week..

Hmm..bummer..Shall I just delete it then?

Posting old news..

I'd better post Motha's 13 fold butterfly rings thats for sure..

Lesley said...

You should check out a Jordan Maxwell lecture and you will discover all kinds of weird things on the dollar bill.

Progressive Traditionalist said...

I hadn't seen that one before.
Pretty cool.