Friday, February 24, 2006

The older the berry, the sweeter the juice?

Saw this article on the internet this week:

How older women snag younger guys

"She's hot -- and she knows it. At 41, Chicago comedian Tracy Tedesco is beating back guys in their 20s like she was giving away Xboxes. Tedesco is the definition of an "urban cougar."The label used to be an unflattering characterization of middle-aged, boy-hungry single women. But as more women shed the traditional taboos about age and dating, the name has been taken on as a badge of empowerment by sexy, older professional women who prefer the physical and spiritual qualities of younger men. Look no further than the celebrity world for proof that the movement is growing. Some of Hollywood's hottest actresses have taken on younger mates, and a number of male celebrities in TV and music have chosen girlfriends who are several years their senior"

Older men getting younger girls are lucky. Older women getting younger men are cougs?

Anyway, there's grape juice and wine...but then there's vinegar too, eh..