Friday, February 24, 2006

The older the berry, the sweeter the juice?

Saw this article on the internet this week:

How older women snag younger guys

"She's hot -- and she knows it. At 41, Chicago comedian Tracy Tedesco is beating back guys in their 20s like she was giving away Xboxes. Tedesco is the definition of an "urban cougar."The label used to be an unflattering characterization of middle-aged, boy-hungry single women. But as more women shed the traditional taboos about age and dating, the name has been taken on as a badge of empowerment by sexy, older professional women who prefer the physical and spiritual qualities of younger men. Look no further than the celebrity world for proof that the movement is growing. Some of Hollywood's hottest actresses have taken on younger mates, and a number of male celebrities in TV and music have chosen girlfriends who are several years their senior"

Older men getting younger girls are lucky. Older women getting younger men are cougs?

Anyway, there's grape juice and wine...but then there's vinegar too, eh..


Kathleen Callon said...

I think so... the older women get the more we know what we enjoy as well as how to please. Maybe younger men like that?

Whether it's wrong depends on who is pursuing and why... if an older man or woman pursues a younger person because they themselves are socially inept with people their own age, I think it's wrong. But if the younger pursues the older because they want a mature and experienced partner, I don't see how any harm is done.

Lenren said...

I have a very close friend who is 26. He is dating/living with a woman who is 43. When it 1st started we were all admitedly leary and didn't understand this. Now 43 is not old. I am 25 my mom is only 42! So this woman could be my mother! She has since become a good friend of mine, but all in all I do think its still weird. In my defense I would feel the same way if HE was 43 and SHE was 26.

Tina said...

My very close friend Kim is 35 yrs old and her Marine husband Chris is 24. Their age is not an issue at all for them or for me (I am in fact almost 5 yrs older than my husband). Both Chris and my Hubby said the exact thing separately about why they married older women: "We wanted a serious relationship with a woman, not a girl. We wanted a woman who was ready to settle down and have children with us and wouldn't have regrets abouts not having already had lots of fun and experiences." I think it also helps b/c both men are very mature in comparison to their peers, but age is only a number, IMHO.

Gary said...

Age is a state of mind and hey, experience makes up for a lot of other traits!

Men or women who simply use each other may cause harm - love and respect are the key (and fun).

Zeppellina said...

I agree with Kathleen here, as long as both are consenting adults, it`s really not harming anyone.
In saying that, I am that older woman now, and I prefer men of my own age or older.
As you get older, you are more comfortable with life and feel more relaxed about the various things which life can sometimes throw at you.
I take things in my stride now, which, 15-20 years ago would have seemed more of a crisis.
And, I suppose because I enjoy this relaxed sense of freedom, I need my partner to have the same mature outlook on life.
Probably a bit of stereotyping going on there, but I do feel that most guys of my own age are definately more relaxed about life.
And, of course, I do think a lot of men improve and look so much sexier as they get older!

Granny said...

I'm 4 years older than my husband and get to hear about robbing the cradle all the time. It's a running joke.

Granny said...

That being said, I'd wonder about common ground and interests once the new wears off.

However, different strokes and not my business - no matter which one is older. I wish them all success.

DA said...

I don't see any harm too with those parameters being in place Kathleen.

It still is very uncommon Lenren. Perhaps age -as Gary and Tina say- doesn't tell it all. Some young people have aged souls they say..

I remember being young and naive at my younger years and had a partner that was alike Tina. We do need to learn and grow first. If I had an older partner then it would be like living with a parent again. So perhaps it works from a certain age..

Love and respect indeed Gary.

Relaxing your way through life seems an ideal way of living to me Zeppelina. Wish I was older now..

I too wonder about common ground on experiences and shitt delt with Granny.

Lorraine said...

Sometimes souls recognize each other and years become of no consequence...and at other times we are just plain superficial and will only consider a pretty and young package.....ahhhh life :)

DA said...

Well said Lorraine. Souls don't share age nor physical bodies..

I wouldn't mind an old soul in a beautiful young package, eh :-)

Lorraine said...

LOL and why not indeed!!!