Sunday, February 26, 2006

Europe has no hope of eradicating bird flu

(Telegraph news)

"Although the virulent strain of avian influenza arrived inside the EU less than two weeks ago, it is now a fact of life, European Commission officials said. The warning came as EU officials approved plans by France and the Netherlands to vaccinate millions of birds against the disease. The British Government yesterday reaffirmed its opposition to vaccination, arguing that it could lead to the "silent spread" of the disease."

There we go. Now it is spread all over the world and here to stay I guess..


Lenren said...

Do you think a vaccine is a good idea? I really don't know. You know how the media is, they just scare you. They really don't inform you. I would love to hear your opinion. I know a little but honestly I didn't know it was in Europe.

DA said...

I doubt it Amber. Birds fly and the ones that we vaccinate don't fly a lot. It's in China, Turkey and Pakistan now too. Kinda scary..

Zee said...

Ok Dimitri, what is your bet or prediction when that bird flu will arrive in the Americas?
Ah, never mind - it will arrive on a arab freighter the moment the guys in Washington give a green light to have an arab country control major US ports (... just kidding).
Anyhow, soon we can't indulge in cows anymore because they are "mad" - sheep as well... chickens will have bird flu and pigs will be infested with some other disease.
Time to become a vegetarian and before doing so, indulge, eat and swallow a few good hamburgers.
Memory has splendid ways of preserving taste!

Mother Damnable said...

Ah well Happy Fat Tuesday, while we can still eat!

DA said...

I'm a veggie allready but no doubt my cheese souffles and cucumber salad will be poisend one day as well. Mercury levels in fish are too high as well as MD told us. Strange world..

Eat what MD? Send over the happy healthy menu :-)

Worried said...

And Africa too. Tofu, anyone?

Progressive Traditionalist said...

It is in the nature of viruses that the latest will always be the most potent.
At least, the birds that live through this will have more food to eat.

Granny said...

The cockroaches, of course, will be immune.