Saturday, March 04, 2006

Size does matter

Study: For gay men, penis size does matter..

A new Dutch study at Utrecht University concludes that the length of his penis is key to a gay man’s self esteem and his view of his body in general, the South African Press Association and Dutch Press Agency reported. Most gay men regard a large penis as ideal, and self-esteem is linked to the size of the sexual organ, said Liesbeth Woertman, a sexologist and senior lecturer in clinical psychology. The study by Woertman involved 251 gay men, at an average of 29. "Our study reveals that how gay men see their penis has considerable influence on how they value themselves in general," Woertman told media outlets. "It is not known whether if there is a similar link in heterosexual men, but there are various reasons for assuming that the self-image of heterosexual men is linked to how they evaluate the most characteristically masculine part of their body."