Saturday, March 11, 2006

Balkan Butcher Slobodan Milosevic dies in jail

(Breaking news on every channel over here) Milosevic, who was defending himself against 66 counts for war crimes allegedly committed in Bosnia, Kosovo and Croatia in the 1990s, suffered from chronic heart problems and high blood pressure. A few hours ago he was found dead in his cell in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Next to genocide he used mass rape as a war tactic.

Too bad for all his victims that this mass murderer can't stand trail anymore. I'll sing him a last song though:

(To the tune of "Piano Man" by Billy Joel)

It's nine o'clock on a Thursday
There's a large crowd out by parliament
There's a general sitting next to me
He got rid of Sebrenica's men
He says "Son can you find them a group to hate
Or I'm not sure how all this will go
It's sad and it's sweet, but we blew it complete
Rigging elections everyone knows"
la la la de de dala la de de da da da

Give us a speech Mr. Slobodan

Give us a speech tonight
Cause we're all in the mood for a genocide
It's the one thing round which we'll unite
Now Croatia was just a starting point

Mass murder we started with glee
But we quickly did move to the Bosnian Groove
And man didn't those muslims flee
And I told them we'd never lose Kosovo
Kept Albanians repressed you know
I was sure that it would all make me a star
If they would get out of that place
The secret police are all friends of mine

Who rule with a gun and a knife
They work with the army, who never would harm me
And for me took many good lives
But the populace practices politics
And attack the police with stones
Yes, they share in a dream called democracy
But it's better when I rule alone

It's a pretty good crowd for a couple days
And the grim reaper gives me a smile
Cause he knows that it's me, who just might have to flee
But we did some good work for awhile
And the rabble sounds like a carnival
And they claim I rule only with fear
But they supported all of my genocides
With what sounded a lot like a cheer
Courtesy Mark Hoolihan and the hoolinet.