Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Opposites don't attrackt!

When I grew up (stil do) I tended to think that being able to buy expensive goods was a sign of being succesful and having a house with a swimming pool was the ultimate goal to reach. Little did I know.. I had to learn the hard way and I guess I haven't finished learning on my 37th and that's ok too.

Today I took a test (try it yourself) on economic and social preferences and found myself at the opposite side of myself at age 26. Back then I was the Neo Liberal Authoritarian (upper right quadrant) and today the results position me between the preferences carried out by Dalai Lama, Ghandi and Nelson Mandela (I scored -5 and -3). Huh..Isn't that funny? In ten years time a complete change of mind and heart..(Am I a schyzofrenic?)

Now, this test is only a funny test and my name does not belong amongst those great persons in any way but one thing is very true: the testresult positions me at the opposite side of Dubya Bush. And guess what:

That's exactly where I want to be!


pissed off patricia said...

Yeah, I fell into that general catagory too. Go figure

If I think like them why am I not as smart as they were? All my dots didn't get connected I suppose.

Scott said...

I was just a bit further to the left than you, Gandhi, and Mandela... Obviously I like the company!! Thought I would be more of an Anarchist..... Cool test. Going to make my boss take it tomorrow.

Tina said...

Here's my results:
Your political compass
Economic Left/Right: -8.13
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.18
.... I am a bit more left than you Dimitri.
I guess in my case that the whole conservative spew about people becoming more conservative once they get married and have children is complete crap, huh?

Callooh said...

guess I really AM the "liberal la la" my family is always calling me...

I came out
Economic Left/Right: -6.50
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.13

I'm further down than most, perhaps I should be concerned...

Progressive Traditionalist said...

I took this test about a year ago, and I came out a bit to the northwest of Mandela.

This time I came out just a bit to the south of him.
-6.25 & -3.33
Though truthfully, there were an answer or two I felt I should have changed, but had already went through the page...

But isn't growth inevitable in a static world?

Sothis said...

I'm Economic Left/Right: -7.50
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.49--another blazing hippie.

Gary said...

This was really interesting DA. I was slightly left of the line with you and Gandhi but below him, which surprised me (thought I was more a conformist than anarchist).

It may be simple, but this is interesting and as you point out, interesting to see if we change over time.


Lindsay Lobe said...

Interesting DA. I was -.3 on both, so almost the same as you!! .

I think only maybe some of us change over time, I feel I have changed a lot. Remember we are hardwired from an evolutionary point of view to have a propensity to believe in things and in others. That is because we always seek to show cause and its effects, so we accept many implausible beliefs to give us answers to the unanswerable. This is what distinguishes us from our animal friends. Only through vigour’s of philosophy, where we are willing to suspend our judgments and belief systems are we truly likely to be able to accept real changes in our beliefs. Hence most people are very reluctant to give up their beliefs!!

Best wishes!

Worried said...

We do grow and mature with time. Some of us do. We learn; life is a strict teacher.

karena said...

I took that test once and ended up with Mandela and Ghandi. I must take it again and see what happens

your judgemental aunt said...

I'm the Dalai Lama!
Economic Left/Right: -3.25
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -3.79

Elizabeth Green said...

My score is as follows:
Economic Left/Right: -7.25
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.03

I am way down in that corner with Gary, Tina & DA & Nelson Mandela, but I am way down there. Interesting!