Monday, July 10, 2006


With all the power of my arms,
With all the intelligence of my mind,
With all the love of my heart
I pay my due respect to the soul
-Within you...


Lindsay Lobe said...

N: Now show hands.
A: A command to begin.
M: Men now ready.
A: Acclimates to a new meaning.
S: Spirit in one meets Spirit in other
T: Thrust forward.
E Even contests have same meaning.

Granny said...

Is it a meme?

Gary said...

and you... and you, my brother.

Vee said...

Thank you for beautifully rendering our namaste. :)

Lindsay, I love your take on it too.

abhay k said...

Hi DA,
Nice to see your cafe welcoming our souls with Indian greetings...hmmm feels good...
my due respects to your physical self and the soul within you ..

pissed off patricia said...


Callooh said...

this is the most beautiful description of namaste I have seen.