Monday, July 24, 2006

"I am sailing, I am sailing, 'cross the sea"

Last week I was invited to go sailing for six days in a row (24/7).

The aim was to sail the boat of a friend to the south of France. This would be too easy so we decided to round England as well.

Which meant non-stop sailing, night shifts, stormy weather, lot's of sun, dead tired after 6 days but quite the fullfilled person.

Sailing on the Spinaker (what's the English word for that?) through the canal is great fun. You have to remain focussed because the boat can trip easily..

At night you could see several constellations, satellites flying over, ufo's and when focussing enough the lights of UK and France on the side..

There were 4 of us on board and each had his own bedroom. But after 6 days of sailing the boat looked like a pigg-hole and there were some strange odours hanging around. I was ships cook too and managed to get only one person sick. But that could be because he ate my hamburgers too (and I sticked to cheese sandwich)..

Now I am having trouble gettin' up to speed back over here in Holland as we still are sailing that serious heat wave all together. I need a cold one!