Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Positive news!

Yesterday I was invited for a beautifull diner at Jan Baan's "De Vanenburg Castle". We discussed (to be honest I listen and learn most of the time and sometimes feel like an imbecile) the way that the Dutch government utilizes IT and how the private sector can attribute to it. I feel positive about the outcome of the evening and inspired to contribute. I skippped the afterparty and decided to post positive news on my blog (after reading some other;-)

It took me a while but I found some on FoxNews: Students Return Lost Purse Containing $43,000.- Saturday, November 20, 2004

CASPER, Wyo. — Two Casper College (search) students returned a purse to its owner, not knowing it contained $43,000.
Derek Hepner and Adam Simanton were driving along South Durbin Street on Monday when they saw the purse in the gutter. They turned around, got out of their car and walked up to it.
The two pulled out a wallet and found an Arizona driver's license, and without looking further into the handbag, took it to police.
What they didn't see was an envelope containing $43,000 in cash.
It turned out to be the life savings of the woman who owns the purse, police Sgt. Larry Baker said Friday.

According to police, she was traveling through Casper, stopped briefly and misplaced her purse.
The woman on Thursday phoned Hepner to inform him of a $200 reward for the two, who graduated from Kelly Walsh High in 2003.
The students said they never thought of rummaging through the purse or keeping it, although they took some ribbing from their friends.

Dutch people have an unwritten law that the finder receives 10% finders fee. And WE are called niggardly all over the world?? From now on I call this tight-fistedness DOUBLE AMERICAN ....and another Ducth prejudice is enfeebled..:-)))


Lesley said...

You rock! I never get invited to dinners at castles.

DA said...

When I'll be rich one day I will invite you to my castle Lesley!

The current problem is that when I am out of money, I still have some month left :-(

Scott said...

That was really an uplifting story,, and you taking the time to find the good news,, makes me ashamed of my keen eye for the not so good news,, human nature I blame,,
and I always have more 'month' than money!!!
Just being invited to a dinner would do for me,, castle or not!! You do seem to "rock' Dimitri,, a good soul!! PAX