Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Yesterday evening, I was invited by KPMG to join a discussion on shared service centers, nearshoring, offshoring and outsourcing. The seminar took place in the Royal Hilton Hotel Soestduinen. The outcome of the seminar was not surprising. "Be carefull with big-bang outsourcing", "make sure to have a bullet proof business case".. To my knowledge it is advisable to insource the outsourcing partner a year before you want to give away your processes.


JEFM said...

Wow ... you sure seem to hang out in beautiful places Dimitri. Maybe I should have considered becoming a businessman instead of a psychologist!

BTW, what does CIO means?
I'm horrible with acronyms.


DA said...

Thx Jon,

The most beautifull part of my job - to my opinion - is that I am allowed to visit foreign countries, meet interesting people in beautifull places and many times get surpised like a little boy on things I haven't experienced before. At those moments I really feel alive, humble and utterly naïve..That's what I like to share with this blog:-)

(Chief Information Officer)