Monday, November 28, 2005

Letter to God

Dear God,

This is my record of eternal gratitude to You.

You gave me birth in a most respected Hindu family, but not high enough in social status to make me proud.

You gave me a physical form well-admired for its perfection, but it was small enough to keep me humble.

You gave me education high enough to be most useful in life, but not high enough to make me proud.

You gave me success in sports high enough to be satisfied, but not proud.

You gave me a career in which You took me high enough to be admired, but not high enough to make me arrogant.

You gave me a wife and family for which I have always been eternally grateful, but You did not spare me some grief to remind me not to forget what life is all about, and to be always grateful for what I do have.

You did not forget to place an adequate number of temptations in my way so that I may not be too critical of others who have to face their own temptations.

I am now 84, and perhaps the only wish that remains is that the long life You have given me will not carry a burden at the end. But in that case, I know You will also give me the necessary'courage to go with it.

You gave me a lot to show me how little is needed to be content and how much could be given away. And, undoubtedly, the most important of all - as if the bounty You have showered on me were not enough - You crowned Your achievement by using this psychosomatic apparatus to convey to the world the most important message of Advaita.

Truly I amblessed. Or, indeed, my Beloved, have You not blessed Your self?!

Finally, it occurs to me, if You were to design for Yourself a life in phenomenality, could it have been much different from this one?

And, for this thought, no tears are enough to wash Your Noumenal feet.

Written by Ramesh S. Balsekar and published in the book 'The Ultimate Understanding'


Burcu tuncer Kostak& Başak Nalbant said...

We like your blog very much. We are luky because we can understand you;)

DA said...

Çok tesekkur ederim :-)

Scott said...

Hello Dimitri, I found your blog from Nova, and this post has knocked me back into a state of humble awe,, this was a wonderful post, I plan to get a copy of this book as soon as possible and I know I will devour it in a night. Many thanks for this,,, I hope to return soon and read more,, have a day filled with wonder!! PAX,
Scott, aka EarthCitizen