Wednesday, November 09, 2005

If President Chirac thought he was going to gain peace with the Muslim community in France by taking an appeasement line in the Iraq war, it certainly looks like he miscalculated. Today the streets of the French capital are looking more like Ramallah and less like the advanced, sophisticated, happy Paree image Monsieur Chirac likes to portray to the world, and the story, which is just starting to grip the world's attention, is full of ironies. The French-African underclass with their pimped-scooters, bling bling jewelery, i-pods, cell-phones and golden teeth claim that they have no future.

One is tempted to suggest that Prime Minister Sharon send a note cautioning Monsieur Chirac about cycles of violence.


Laura said...

Paris is still Paris. They only fired 3 cars and that's it. Why are people saying every where that we whent to ashes?!

DA said...

Do you mean three cars per minute?

The violence peaked last weekend, when vandals burned 1,400 vehicles in one night of nationwide mayhem.

Overall, some 2,440 people have been arrested since the start of the unrest, with 358 of them already sentenced to prison terms. Nearly 458 youths under the age of 18 have been brought before juvenile courts, and 102 of them were in the process of being charged, the country’s justice ministry said.

So Paris indeed is still Paris Laura, but it has lost it's guiltlessness as Amsterdam did after Theo van Gogh was killed..