Friday, June 30, 2006

Women and politics

I hear the weekend knocking on the door but first this: This morning our prime minister Balkenende had to go to the Queen to seek a dissolution of parliament. This came as most MPs were dreaming of another dissolution — the summer recess. Hah, no holidays here for a while. Dutch Diva's rule, parliament collapses!

As I said BEFORE, Former Liberal MP mrs. Ayaan Hirsi Ali (or is it Magan) "..leaves Holland with a trail of social political damage behind her ". Little did I know that the fire was only starting. Whoever said Dutch politics is boring and full of back-room deals should have watched Dutch television this week.

Mrs. Verdonk (yes, the one I wrote about over HERE) , who was hoping to be elected to lead the Liberals VVD, cast doubt on whether Hirsi Ali was a Dutch citizen. In fact she even proclaimed that Ayaan never was granted citizenship because she provided false information. Then she lost the elections.

Enter mrs. Femke Halsema, the leader of the green-left GroenLinks. She tabled a motion of no confidence in Verdonk which then was supported by mrs. Lousewies van der Laan, the democrats66 leader.

To make a long story short, result is that we now don't know if we still have a parliament.

I say these prima donna's broke the political glass ceiling for sure. Hell, they even broke down the entire building!